IoT+ Bringing Together the Best of Telemetry, Real-Time Control, Autonomous Systems and IoT


Radio Data Networks have coined the phrase IoT+ and registered the trademark below to generate awareness of how IoT should be implemented to make a positive impact on our world.

IoT on its own can only monitor and create autopsy reports on our failing, polluted World.

However with IoT+ we bring hope, by combining the best of proven technologies such as radio telemetry, real-time control, autonomous systems, IoT and most importantly compatibility with legacy systems, such as pump controls, penstocks, sluices, sensors and existing BMS/SCADA.

Simply with IoT+ we are not asking customer to throw away their existing system, but to build upon them to create proactive systems that measure, monitor and control, with data appearing on both an existing SCADA and an IoT dashboard. That is IoT+.

Watch this space for news and updates on IoT+ deployments.