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About Radio Data Networks

With over 40 years of industry experience, RDN’s team have been responsible for the design and deployment of hundreds of thousands of devices targeted towards delivering a cleaner, more sustainable, safer future in the face of climate change.

Their past portfolio includes delivering some of Europe’s largest Smart Network, Telemetry and IoT projects for the water, wastewater, environment, road, rail, and the built environment.

Our service today includes patented technolgy to help enable the world to move away from the autopsy culture of just monitoring to one of proactive “Smart Network” interventions, where for example we enable the retrofitting of drains, sewers, SuDS and CSO overflows with flow controls to reduce the incidents of flooding, pollution and plastics in the oceans.

Proudly “Made in Britain” audited, we offer a local bespoke with minimum carbon footprint and manufacturing to ISO9001:2015 standard, with many of our products operating off-grid without the need for mains electricity.

Water & Wastewater: River, flood, pollution, drainage, rainfall, boreholes, trash screens, chalk stream water deficit, stormwater detention, and groundwater levels. Plus, through our smart networks help to reduce the incidents of flooding by controlling SuDS, wastewater flows, and spills via CSO overflows to reduce plastics and sewage in waterways and oceans.

Transport: Railways and highway flooding, gully monitoring, remote incident visual verification, the temperature of rails and road surfaces for safety.

Built Environment: Occupancy, temperature, internal and external drainage, stacks, flood warnings, and flows from cooling towers to create smart buildings.

Waste: Landfill leachate levels, control pumps and sludge blanket levels.

Utilities: Radio Telemetry Links – PSTN line replacements, smart sewers, sewer alarms and CSO EDM, sewage works automation, reservoir level controls.

Local Authorities: Design and deployments of local flood monitoring schemes within integrated in catchment rainfall, cloud data hosting, supplying and configuring LoRaWAN networks and sensors.

Our services:  Bespoke design, system integration, cloud data hosting, satellite data connectivity, Ofcom licenced radio telemetry, LoRaWAN networks, temporary gauging, IoT Sensor configuration and Integration, all backed with 40-years of experience. 

Our Technology

The disastrous consequences of global warming and climate change have never been more evident than today.  We are transforming businesses through our multi-award-winning smart sensing technology & solutions to help them become greener, safer, and efficient, and ultimately reduce the risk and protect our ecosystems from environmental disasters.

RDN’s communication architecture RDNET and Sentinel365 dashboard is a unique radio and IoT hybrid that is compatible with the real world. Perfect for the creation of Smart Networks they support peer-to-peer, master-slave operations, where it has already replaced countless obsolete wired services, in the UK operates on our own exclusive, secure licenced radio channels, it has solutions for monitoring and controlling buried underground services, it has global reach via satellites, and via our Gateways, IoT+ embraces the modern world of the internet yet can equally deliver data to legacy systems without compromising cyber security.

Retrofittable, durability and testability, ease of use, and working out of the box are all part of the design culture that has underpinned our technology. A highly successful philosophy that has overcome barriers at all levels, gaining an unprecedented year-one adoption by the utility sector and subsequently leading to RDN winning several prestigious industry awards.

Ultra-Low or zero power is another essential. Our portfolio of real-time Smart Sensors, Controls, and Actuators are without exception, capable of long-term operation for batteries or solar, all in keeping with the drive for off-grid, net-zero operation.

Our solutions take us beyond simply populating dashboards with incidents. We have reached the next level, where the world and industries need to be, taking control.

Problem Solving

We consult with our clients to find the best solution for them, to suit their needs and requirements. We also offer site visits for challenging projects.

Smart Sensing

We design and manufacture our smart sensing systems in the UK from flow and level, pressure, temperature, vibration, PH and more.

Data Communications

We offer our clients the choice of communications, scaled towards the safety integrity of service required and the remoteness of the location of deployment, including Ofcom Licensed Radio, Iridium Satellite & LoRaWAN.

Smart Monitoring

At RDN, we have built our very own Sentinel365 data platform for our clients to remotely analyse, track and display their data from our smart systems via desktop and iOS/Android capability. 

Meet Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Eur Ing Brian Back

Eur-ing Brian is an entrepreneur and acknowledged pioneer in the areas of sustainable engineering, innovation & strategy. 

Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Belinda Cepe

Belinda is an entrepreneur with a 3-year history building successful brands in the engineering & technology sector 

Head of TEchnology / IoT

Michael Price

Michael is a highly versed software developer with a solid background in engineering, smart monitoring, IoT and LoRaWAN.

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Quality Assurance & Intellectual Property

RDN is certified to ISO9001 and BS/EN IEC 800069-34 for products to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

When it comes to IP, we have patented technology including smart sensors and flow regulators.  

As a British Manufacturer, we have joined forces with Made In Britain to show our support to British manufacturing. 

As of January 2023, we became a Constructiononline Gold Member and SSIP accredited for Health & Safety. 

Constructionline Gold Member Radio Data Networks Limited

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal