About Radio Data Networks

Radio Data Networks is the pioneer of IoT+

RDN’s portfolio includes  Smart Sensors, Low Energy Actuators, Radio Telemetry, Satellite and Cellular IoT. to deliver solutions across the Water, Wastewater, Environmental, Utility (Gas & Electricity), Agriculture, Mining, Commercial, Industrial and Transport Sectors.

RDN’s  solutions are used widely across the UK, the Channel Islands and parts of Europe to deliver a variety to monitoring and control solutions to help prevent pollution including the spill of plastics into the oceans, cut leakage from water distribution networks, improve industrial and agricultural process efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, to prevent the spread of infection in healthcare, report and control flooding, mitigate spills, provide security, control flows and to deliver environmental status reports, including those concerning spills of sewage into bathing waters for circa 1,400km of beaches.


Radio Data Networks was founded in 1995. Its founders have accumulated over 40-years of sector experience and have been responsible for the design and deployment of many hundreds of thousands of devices, the development of some of Europe’s largest smart networks for water, gas, the environment and rail. As we speak RDN’s IoT+ technology delivers circa 500-million messages per annually, mainly over RDN’s own private licenced radio channels.

Over the past decade RDN’s focus has been biased towards Green Technology & Innovations which has won the company numerous prestigious industry awards

RDN’s IoT+ technology has been adopted by government agencies ranging from the UK’s EA & NRW through to 7 major utilities, the UK’s NHS, industry and agriculture.

In 2019 RDN was proud to become on  of the founder members of the Zero Pollution Network and foundation a Green Technology charity/organisation to promote and fund pollution reduction technologies Zero Pollution Network

Intellectual Property

When it comes to IP we have patented technology including smart sensors and flow regulators. Further, we have dozens of complete designs that form building blocks that permit complete systems and solutions to be created at minimal cost and delay. We own all the injection molding & extrusion tools and PCB designs that we use. We own the source code to all embedded firmware used within our product portfolio permitting us to offer a bespoke firmware, functions and branding.

Our Networks

In the UK we own private radio spectrum that covers the whole of the UK reaching as far as the Isle of Scilly in the West, the Shetland Islands in the North and also Northern Ireland. These network channels are used by our devices to deliver data in real-time to provide 24/7/365 live monitoring and IoT+ connectivity to control and monitor assets. In addition using IoT+we are able  to deliver messages over the Cellular NB-IoT or via the Iridium Satellite Network.

Capability Statement

We have our own extensive in-house R&D, Systems Engineering, RF Design & Test, Rapid Prototyping resources located at our UK HQ the Innovation Farm on the Essex Hertfordshire boarder. The Innovation Farm is uniquely equipped with its own facilities to permit the testing of most apparatus before it is placed on the market. Facilities include underground test chambers, OATS for RF & EMC testing,

  • Formal Design Feasibility Studies concerning IoT+ Systems and Solutions
  • 3D design and Printing (Solidworks)
  • PCB Design
  • RF System Design
  • RF Test
  • Imbedded Firmware including Assembler Programming
  • Injection Mouldings
  • Extrusions
  • Antenna Design
  • Steel Fabrication – Custom Enclosures, Brackets & Supports in both Stainless Steel and Aluminium



Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal