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About Radio Data Networks

RDN’s founders have over 30-years experience across the Water, Wastewater, Environmental, Utility (Gas & Electricity) and Transport Sectors pioneering Radio Telemetry, Low Energy Pneumatic Control, Remote Monitoring and IoT solutions to Prevent Pollution, Reduce Leakage, to Improve Efficiency in Water Distribution, cut Global Warming and have joined the push towards Zero Pollution. They are also the founding force behind the Zero Pollution Network that was founded in 2019.

Now in 2020 we are proud to say we have won a string of industry awards, have customers that include 7 major water utilities, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the NHS, Schools, Hotels and Industry. In all our technology delivers circa 450-milliuon messages per annum, and relays messages over distances from as few meters to over 20km.

We help to protect bathing waters, both in the UK and Channel Islands, we report blockages in sewers in hospitals, read and deliver river level data, control sluice gates, beacons and valves for the Environment Agency and critical industry, report discharges of sewage into rivers and oceans from CSO overflows, have deployed sewer flow regulators and CSO containment weirs to cut pollution, measure and relay water main pressures to reduce leakage, read borehole levels across Belgium, measure salinity and provide radio telemetry systems that are simple to use and affordable to own.

Finally we do all of this without using a single SIM card, the cellular networks, the internet or a risky IoT, using our own exclusive radio channels which we operate under an Ofcom Licence.



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