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About Radio Data Networks

Radio Telemetry a Brief History


RDN’s founders have over 30-years experience across the Water, Wastewater, Environmental, Utility (Gas & Electricity) and Transport Sectors pioneering Radio Telemetry, Remote Monitoring and IoT solutions to Prevent Pollution, Reduce Leakage, to Improve Efficiency in Water Distribution, cut Global Warming and to report pollution.

A brief history of Radio Telemetry can be obtained using this link Radio Telemetry a Brief History

However reporting pollution and high pressure etc, is only half the battle, since 2010, we have gone the whole way to produce dozens of real-time control solutions that measure, report and actively prevent pollution, reduce leakage and waste. Through using our own local Ofcom Licenced radio channels we are able to create autonomous systems that operated without the fear of cyber attack, denial of service (DOS) or obsolescence due to the migration of the cellular industry.

Over these years our team have been responsible for the design and deployment of numerous  prestige systems and have picked up a string of awards for R&D & innovation. These including Sewer Monitoring, Sewer Flow regulation; Sewer Flooding Reduction. CSO Spill reduction, AMR, Pressure Monitoring, Rail Temperature, Thermal Stratification, Pollution Monitoring, Borehole and River Level Monitoring.

Customers include Utility Companies, regulators such as the Environment Agency and Industry and the company’s technology helps to deliver over 300-million messages per annum.

Located at its purpose built innovation centre, the Innovation Farm, close to the City of London and national road and rail links, plus London’s leading airports, Radio Data Networks has established itself as the UKs largest provider of licenced radio links and smart sensors for applications such as sewer monitoring where it currently delivers over 300-million messages per annum over its Ofcom licenced radio channels at a fraction of the cost of using cellular and without the risks and uncertainly associated with licenced free technologies.

The Innovation Farm Radio Data Networks Limited

The Innovation Farm Radio Data Networks Limited

In addition to its licenced channel the company has developed a range of Gateways that can port data into existing Telemetry, BMS or SCADA, plus onto the Mobitex, Tetra or PMR Tier-3 Networks, the Iridium Satellite Networks and WITS IoT. Its ever expanding range of smart sensors include water level transducers, fluid flow sensors, vibration analysis and temperature profiling plus a complimentary range of interfaces from SDI-12 to 4-20mA.

Outside RF and EMC Test Area (OATS) at the Innovation Farm

Outside RF and EMC Test Area (OATS) at the Innovation Farm

Key to our success has been our total independence from the Internet and cellular networks permitting us to offer unrivalled cyber security levels in these ever growing days of cyber crime.

With in-house UK based research and development, software development, 3D CAD modelling, injection moulding tooling and local PCB manufacturing Radio Data Networks is able to deliver a wide range of projects at minimal cost and with a relatively short lead-time.

In-house R&D facilities include underground test chambers, test pits with cast iron, pressed steel covers, flow rigs, RF spectrum analysers, signal generators, network analysers, EMC test antenna, portable masts and a machine shop.


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