IoT+ Solutions to Monitor, Measure, Report, Control and Automate our World. From Flooding, Pollution, Asset Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Road and Rail, Mining, IoT+ Technology, takes IoT, Telemetry and Real-Time Control to the next level.

Backed with over 30-years of experience Radio Data Networks applies IoT+ technology to tackle a wide range of global problems from the impacts of climate change such as flooding, railway safety through to aquatic pollution control, environment protection, water resource management, sewer network optimisation, the list is endless.  What we have called IoT+ is agnostic. It embraces both legacy and emerging technologies, however more than IoT, IoT+ offers solutions that are proactive, integrate with controls, SCDA, BMS, pumps, valves, sluices, flood signs, evacuation beacons, shutdown systems, etc making IoT+ systems able to respond autonomously to changes and to control and mitigate them.

Radio Telemetry Systems

IoT+ Solutions can Monitor, control and Protect.  

Already in receipt of server industry awards, many of the key building blocks of the  IoT+ concept has been in service for almost a decade. The building blocks include wireless sensors, to flow controllers, solar penstocks, CSO containment weirs, evacuation beacons, flood gates, pump controller, analogue links, BMS Gateways, network repeaters, pump inhibits, the list is endless.


sewer monitoring and control

IoT+ Harnesses the Best of Radio Telemetry, Real-Time Control, Terrestrial and Satellite IoT 

Our engineers have been designing Radio Telemetry, IoT and Wireless Systems since the 1980’s. The majority of our IoT+ systems operate on our own exclusive licenced radio channels, however IoT+ architecture supports LoRa, Iridium SBD, cellular NB-IoT and other popular IoT technologies, making IoT+ and the concept behind it agnostic embracing of both legacy and emerging technologies. 

Green Energy Solutions

With IoT+ we are striving to build a safer, more sustainable and efficient world through Remote Monitoring & Control, Radio Telemetry, Asset Security and applied IoT Solutions


Distributors and Agents  


Why choose Radio Data Networks?

  • We are the pioneers of IoT+
  • Backed by over 30 years industry & engineering experience
  • Design, System Integration and Manufacture in the UK
  • We offer IoT+ on Ofcom secure licenced radio spectrum
  • With IoT+ we offer real-time data and control
  • We are approved suppliers to the EA, Utilities and NW Rail
  • We have IoT+ retrofit actuators to reduce flows and pollution
  • We have a proven track record in protecting assets
  • With IoT+ we can report, control, warn and reduce flooding
  • Applied IoT+ can help businesses to achieve net Zero.
  • IoT+ Solutions can be non-invasive and in-keeping with the natural environment
  • With IoT+ we can help to prevent pollution discharges
  • IoT+ is capable of conserving & protecting water supplies using real-time control
  • IoT+ security is totally scalable and can include "air-gaps" making it hack proof.
  • In-house IoT+ customer solution delivery service
  • With IoT+ we can make legacy wastewater networks smart
  • IoT+ can reduce sewer flooding
  • IoT+ can detect blockages and control flows
  • IoT+ can protect bathing waters (EDM)
  • IoT+ Reducing plastics in the ocean
  • IoT+ is retrofitable to legacy systems
  • IoT+ can preventing fines and protect reputations

Our Solutions

  • IoT+ Blocked Sewer Alarms
  • Agri-tech IoT+ Systems
  • IoT+ Water Quality Monitoring
  • IoT+ Flood Alarms & Monitoring
  • IoT+ Service Reservoir Monitoring
  • IoT+ Pollution Containment Valves
  • IoT Radio Telemetry
  • IoT+ Temperature Monitoring
  • IoT+ Licenced Radio Systems
  • IoT+ Sewer Flow Regulators
  • IoT+ Sewer Overflow Monitoring
  • IoT+ CSO Containment Weirs
  • IoT+ Call Points and Remote Controls
  • IoT+ River Level Monitoring
  • IoT+ Borehole Monitoring and Security

Custom Services

  • Bespoke Systems
  • Radio Surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Batch Manufacture
  • Problem Solving

Radio Data Network's are founding members of a global consortium

Zero Pollution Network Zero Pollution Network