Enabling the World to Reduce Flooding, Pollution, Improve Safety, Tackle the Effects of Climate Change and Work Towards Net Zero.

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Our communication architecture RDNET and IoT+ is a unique radio and IoT hybrid that is compatible with the real world. It fully supports peer-to-peer, master-slave operations, where it has already replaced countless obsolete wired services, in the UK operates on our own exclusive, secure licenced radio channels, it has solutions for monitoring and controlling buried underground services, it has global reach via satellites, and via our Gateways, IoT+ embraces the modern world of the internet yet can equally deliver data to legacy systems without compromising cyber security.

IoT+ Harnesses the Best of Radio Telemetry, Real-Time Control, Terrestrial and Satellite IoT 

Retrofittable, durability and testability, ease of use, and working out of the box are all part of the design culture that has underpinned our technology. A highly successful philosophy has that has overcome barriers at all levels, gained us ten years ago unpresented year one adoption by the utility sector and subsequently lead to RDN winning several prestigious industry awards.

Ultra-Low or zero power. Our portfolio of real-time Smart Sensors, Controls and Actuators are without exception that, capable of long-term operation for batteries or solar, all in keeping with the drive for off-grid, net zero operation.

Simply, our solutions take us beyond simply populating dashboards with incidents. We have reached the next level, where the world and industries need to be, taking control.

Green Energy Solutions

With IoT+ we are striving to build a safer, more sustainable and efficient world through Remote Monitoring & Control, Radio Telemetry, Asset Security and applied IoT Solutions.

We can report success, incidents that have been adverted, for the successful operation of one of our Sewer Flow Regulators, controlled by one of our smart sensors to avert a flood, inhibited a pump, or to automatically summon a drainage contractor to deal with a blockage.

IoT+ Zero Pollution Networks

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Why choose Radio Data Networks?

  • We are the pioneers of IoT+
  • Backed by over 30 years industry & engineering experience
  • Design, System Integration and Manufacture in the UK
  • We offer IoT+ on Ofcom secure licenced radio spectrum
  • With IoT+ we offer real-time data and control
  • We are approved suppliers to the EA, Utilities and NW Rail
  • We have IoT+ retrofit actuators to reduce flows and pollution
  • We have a proven track record in protecting assets
  • With IoT+ we can report, control, warn and reduce flooding
  • Applied IoT+ can help businesses to achieve net Zero.
  • IoT+ Solutions can be non-invasive and in-keeping with the natural environment
  • With IoT+ we can help to prevent pollution discharges
  • IoT+ is capable of conserving & protecting water supplies using real-time control
  • IoT+ security is totally scalable and can include "air-gaps" making it hack proof.
  • In-house IoT+ customer solution delivery service
  • With IoT+ we can make legacy wastewater networks smart
  • IoT+ can reduce sewer flooding
  • IoT+ can detect blockages and control flows
  • IoT+ can protect bathing waters (EDM)
  • IoT+ Reducing plastics in the ocean
  • IoT+ is retrofitable to legacy systems
  • IoT+ can preventing fines and protect reputations

Our Solutions

IoT+ Blocked Sewer Alarms

  • Agri-tech IoT+ Systems
  • IoT+ Water Quality Monitoring
  • IoT+ Flood Alarms & Monitoring
  • IoT+ Service Reservoir Monitoring
  • IoT+ Pollution Containment Valves
  • IoT Radio Telemetry
  • IoT+ Temperature Monitoring
  • IoT+ Licenced Radio Systems
  • IoT+ Sewer Flow Regulators
  • IoT+ Sewer Overflow Monitoring
  • IoT+ CSO Containment Weirs
  • IoT+ Call Points and Remote Controls
  • IoT+ River Level Monitoring
  • IoT+ Borehole Monitoring and Security

Custom Services

Bespoke Systems

  • Radio Surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Batch Manufacture
  • Problem Solving

Radio Data Network's are founding members of a global consortium

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