Radio Telemetry, Satellite Telemetry, IoT & IoT+ Solutions & Systems, to Combat Flooding, Reduce Pollution, Improve Efficiency, Protect the Environment, Improve Rail & Highways Safety, Conserve & Protect Water Supplies, Tackle the Effects of Climate Change and to Work Towards Net Zero.

Engineered to deliver an appropriate level of operational safety (SIL) and dependability, we offer a range of solutions to meet the requirements of every sector, from the non-critical to the mission critical. With customers including Utilities, Industry, Commercial, Rail & Highways to Local & Central Government.

Critical Systems: Real-Time Radio Telemetry for Flood Monitoring & Control, Sewer & Drain Flow Control, Water Distribution Pressure Management, Pump Control & Critical Infrastructure Incident Reporting.

Bespoke Retrofit: Solutions from River Gauging, Borehole, Bridge Structures to Leachate Monitoring.

Real-Time Radio-Telemetry & Control: Pressure Management, Sewer Flow Regulation to Reduce Sewer Flooding & Control Lagoon Levels.

Smart Sensor solutions: To monitor Sewers & CSO Overflows, detect Blocked Drains, Flooded Road Gullies, Blocked Sewers & Report Flooding.

IoT+: For both critical and non-critical applications with the option of local control, local display with web hosting on a single platform.

Remote Satellite: for Critical Infrastructure monitoring for Rivers, Highways to Railways.

Commercial IoT: For non-critical applications such as Footfall Counting, Energy Profiling, Water Usage Reduction, Smart SuDS, Road Gritting Optimisation, etc.

Legacy Compatibility: The option of reporting to legacy telemetry, BMS & SCADA, to a Dashboard or Controlling Local Alarms and Beacons.

Award Winning: Our solutions have been in receipt of numerous industry awards.

Towards Net Zero: Ultra-Low power and low embodied carbon, our portfolio of real-time Smart Sensors, Controls and Actuators are without equal, capable of long-term operation from batteries or solar, all in keeping with the drive for off-grid, net zero operation.

Real-Time Event Mitigation: Our solutions can take you beyond simply populating dashboards with incidents. We have reached the next level, where the world and industries need to be, taking control and mitigating events such as CSO spills.

Radio Telemetry Point to Point, BT Line Replacements
Satellite Telemetry Official Iridium Satellite Network Partners
Smart Sensors Micro-Power Sensors for Flow and Level Monitoring
Flow Control Wastewater Flow Regulators to Reduce Flooding
Pollution Control Containment Weirs to Capture Pollution
Smart Networks Real-Time Data Networks Pollution and Flood Control
Bespoke Solutions From Sensors, Brackets to Data Delivery


Why choose Radio Data Networks?

  • We operate several secure and exclusive Ofcom licenced radio channels.
  • We are backed with over 30 years industry & engineering experience
  • IS09001:2015  Design, System Integration and Manufacture in conducted the UK
  • We offer IoT+ where the critical and non-critical can sit site by side
  • 100% off-net cyber  secure systems
  • We are approved suppliers to the EA, Utilities and NW Rail
  • Our systems are capable of autonomous operation.
  • We have a proven track record delivering over half a billion messages per annum.
  • Our systems can report, control, warn and control.
  • We can help businesses to achieve net Zero.
  • Solutions can be non-invasive and in-keeping with the natural environment
  • We can help to prevent pollution at source
  • We have technology capable of conserving & protecting water supplies using real-time control
  • We Gateways include "air-gaps" making them hack proof.
  • We can make legacy wastewater networks smart
  • We have technology to  reduce sewer flooding
  • We can detect blockages and control flows in sewers and drainage channels
  • We can report the activation of CSO overflows and protect bathing waters (EDM)
  • We can reduce the spills of plastics in the ocean
  • We offer is retrofitable to legacy systems
  • We can prevent fines and protect reputations

Our Solutions

IoT+ Blocked Sewer Alarms

  • Agri-tech IoT+ Systems
  • IoT+ Water Quality Monitoring
  • IoT+ Flood Alarms & Monitoring
  • IoT+ Service Reservoir Monitoring
  • IoT+ Pollution Containment Valves
  • IoT Radio Telemetry
  • IoT+ Temperature Monitoring
  • IoT+ Licenced Radio Systems
  • IoT+ Sewer Flow Regulators
  • IoT+ Sewer Overflow Monitoring
  • IoT+ CSO Containment Weirs
  • IoT+ Call Points and Remote Controls
  • IoT+ River Level Monitoring
  • IoT+ Borehole Monitoring and Security

Custom Services

Bespoke Systems

  • Radio Surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Batch Manufacture
  • Problem Solving
  • Custom Mounting Bracket Systems

Radio Data Network's are founding members of a global consortium

Zero Pollution Network Zero Pollution Network