Solutions to monitor, measure, report, control and automate to combat pollution, improve efficiency, protect assets & reduce plastics in the oceans.

Backed with over 30-years of experience Radio Data Networks (RDN) specialises in the supply of innovative products and solution in the areas of remote measurement, radio telemetry, monitoring, remote automation, security, water supply, wastewater management and pollution control across a sectors including Water, Wastewater, Sewers & Drainage, Flooding, Agriculture, Road & Rail Transport, Housing, Heavy Industry & Renewable Energy.

Radio Systems

Long Range Service Reservoir Link Installed at a Leading UK Dairy

Award winning remote sensing, monitoring, measurement and control solutions to protect your assets, your business & reputation, keep compliant with EA regulations and prevent fines from environmental disasters. 

Our technology is proven and has won many industry awards. We own our IP, have Patented technology, have in house UK based R&D, design, manufacturing and a customer orientated systems integration service.

We have systems to create smart networks above or below ground level which can sense and regulate flow in drains and sewers, reduce spills, reduce leakage, save energy and stem the flow of sewage and plastics into the oceans.

Our solutions can be supplied complete with bespoke enclosures, mounting brackets and sensors.

Specialist in Remote & Secure Telemetry 

The majority of our systems operate on our own exclusive, private, government licenced radio channels, where our systems currently delver circa half a billion messages per annum. We also supply IoT solutions that operate on cellular and over the Iridium satellite networks for remote deployments on a global scale.

We are striving to build a safer, more sustainable and efficient world through Remote Monitoring & Control, Radio Telemetry, Asset Security and IoT Solutions


Distributors and Agents  


Why choose Radio Data Networks?

  • Preventing flooding and pollution
  • Over 40 years industry & engineering experience
  • All products designed &  manufactured in the UK
  • Protecting assets from environmental disasters
  • We help clients conserve energy & reduce carbon footprints
  • Non-invasive and in-keeping products with the natural environment
  • Preventing & combatting pollution discharges
  • Conserving & protecting water supplies
  • Specialists in remote monitoring
  • Highly secure network for critical projects
  • In-house customer solution delivery service
  • Protecting the natural environment
  • Creating smart wastewater networks
  • Bespoke technology to reduce sewer flooding
  • Detect blockages and control flows
  • Protecting bathing waters (EDM)
  • Reducing plastics in the ocean
  • Retrofit technology to contain spills from CSO overflows
  • Green technology to regulate sewer flows
  • Preventing fines and protecting reputations

Our Solutions

  • Blocked Sewer Alarms
  • Bespoke Agri-tech Systems
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Flood Alarms & Monitoring
  • Service Reservoir Monitoring
  • Pollution Containment Valves
  • Bespoke Radio Telemetry
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Licenced Radio Systems
  • Sewer Flow Regulators
  • Sewer Overflow Monitoring
  • CSO Containment Weirs
  • Call Points and Remote Controls
  • Satellite River Level Monitoring
  • Borehole Monitoring and Security

Custom Services

  • Bespoke Systems
  • Radio Surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Batch Manufacture
  • Problem Solving

Radio Data Network's are founding members of a global consortium

Zero Pollution Network Zero Pollution Network