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Archives: October 2019

Sunset on 2G, GPRS and 3G Networks Confirmed During IET Talk by BT’s Prof Andy Sutton


Digital Mobile Network Evolution Triggers the Sunset for 2G, GPRS and 3G During the evening of the 24th October...

Solar Panel Adapter and Kiosk Range Launched


Affordable and Robust Solar Upgrades Custom Designed and Manufactured in the UK by Radio Data Networks, this range of...

Sewer Flow Regulator – Set to Reduce Plastics in the Oceans


The innovative Sewer Flow Regulator has been the centrepiece of the UK Construction Industry Show at the NEC. Designed...

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring – Any Time, Any Place, Any Where


RDNet 3000 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Station – with local Radio Telemetry for Oxygenation Plant Control and Iridium Satellite...