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Our R&D team have accumulated 40-years experience in Remote Monitoring, Radio Telemetry, Remote Control, Systems Build and IoT+ Solutions with applications deployed in the water, wastewater, industrial, agricultural, healthcare, transport and environmental enforcement sectors.

Case Study: Sludge Blanket Monitoring System – Anglian Water

Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

With IoT+ our solutions are deliberately kept simple and retro-fittable to the legacy installed base. Retrofit includes the supply of enclosures and brackets as per the Sludge Blanket Monitoring System.

When many speak of Digital Water they speak of a remote cloud, we instead make traditional analogue processes become digital and interface them locally with existing assets via our Gateways. However should the client like to see the data on the Internet then this is supported via the IoT+ gateway.

We deliver Digital Water today that is affordable and does not requiring software or programming, permitting them to be installed anywhere by anybody with minimal training and support. Again sighting the Sludge Blanket monitoring system this was integrated with the sites existing telemetry/SCADA via one of our telemetry / BMS Gateways.



Case Study: Sewer Alarm Systems – Large Water & Wastewater Utility

Our Data is routed automatically using our industry proven RDNET1000 protocol, which automatically supports, simplex point-to-point links, two-way links, wide area network networks and links that utilise repeaters. As we write the protocol is used to send over 500-million messages per year over distances from 100m to 25km, over our licenced radio channels in the UK, Channel Islands and Western Europe. Data can also be ported to the internet via our IoT+ Gateways.

Key to the success and wide adoption of our Radio Telemetry and IoT+ systems has been our Gateways, which enable the seamless integration of Sensors with existing telemetry and SCADA without the need for software or programming. Further, the Gateways are 100% air gaped both electrically and in terms of cyber security.

Our solutions include anything from the integration of sensors, the conditioning of data through to the delivery of the data to a web portal of your choice or a legacy telemetry/SCAD systems