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Sewer Flow Regulators – Combat Surcharges, Reduce CSO Spills and Combat Plastics in the Oceans

Sump and Sewer Level Monitoring Float Switch Transmitter

Our development team have accumulated 30-years experience in delivering bespoke applications, consultancy and a wide range of solutions across a number of business sectors, in particular the Water, Wastewater, Energy, Environment, Road and Rail Transport.

Our solutions include anything from the integration of sensors, the conditioning of data through to the delivery of the data to a web portal of your choice or a legacy telemetry/SCAD systems.

Those that think IoT and wireless data is a recent innovation may be surprised to find that they were delivering IoT/telemetry for almost 30-years. Now with the ever increasing risk of cyber crime, DOS and DDOS we offer our customers a Mission Critical IoT and Telemetry service where the communication is over secure private, secure and legally protected radio spectrum.

Virtually any parameter can be measured, reported and/or controlled using our technology. Data can be ported equally into web portals, servers, the cloud, edge computing devices or legacy systems such as BMS and SCADA. Again many will be surprised to find that still over 95% of our data is actually passed into such legacy systems.

When data export is required we offer a wide range of file formats, including support for emerging open exchange standards such as  Hypercat PAS212.

CAD Design Process for Transmitter Housings

                                         CAD Design Process for Transmitter Housings


The solutions and applications on the following pages are just a sample of what is on offer, please feel free to ask and also remember some solutions, because of their sensitive nature cannot be featured here in the public domain, but it does not mean that we do not have them or the knowledge to construct them.