Battery CCTV for Flood and Bridge Scour Monitoring


The Radio Data Networks BDT has found a new application triggering CCTC cameras to observe flooding and water erosion risk of structures. By using the BDT instead of periodic sampling and having to trawl through hours of footage, the BDT can be set to mark a high water event and start the recording automatically. Consuming just a few uA the BDT can make the deployment of CCTV to monitor trash screen, culverts, dams, railway embankments and bridges for scour.

The BDT first introduced in 2010 has already proven itself as an easy to use monitor for drains and sewers, chalking up many millions of hours of operation. Where the BDT scores over other sensors is its robustness, ease of use a low power drain. The latter is 1/50,000 of its rivals.

The BDT Switch as it is called is available to order to switch a variety of loads from 6V to 48V at currents up to 2A. It is also available in a number of housings from portable Peli cases for temporary deployments through to wall boxes for hanging off bridges. Solar powered versions are also available to order.