2-Minute CSO Event Duration Monitoring is Go!


We are please to announce that already 2-utilites have started to deploy our  advance 2-minute CSO flow monitoring technology. This FDT based CSO flow sensor system is unique in the market place is it offers long term operation from batteries in spite of monitoring CSO activity at 2-minute intervals and delivering the activity over a radio telemetry link. By 2016 the UK’s Environment Agency are demanding that all sensitive CSO overflows are monitored this way however traditional manufactures of CSO level based equipment have stated that they will require mains power at the CSO which in the majority of cases would not only be expensive but impractical.

FDT Event Duration Monitoring for CSO Overflows

2-Minute CSO Event Duration Monitoring made simple using the FDT flow detection transducer & Without the Need for Mains Power