UK Bathing Season Starts Today – 15th May


Is your Water Company doing enough to let the Blue Flag fly on your local beaches and will they be up to speed with the switch to 2-minute monitoring of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) as required by the Environment Agency?

Radio Data Networks have proven off the shelf technology that not only monitors CSO overflow activity but also offers the possibility for the first time to reduce both the number and volume of spills in particular those that occur in dry weather caused by network blockages or equipment failure. 

Rather than using a data logger and GSM that can sometimes lead to the delivery of nothing more than a autopsy report, we operate our systems over a secure telemetry channel protected under a Ofcom licence we are able to offer 2-minute monitoring without the need for mains power at the CSO. Further, our messages have the ability to directly interface with existing water company telemetry, SCADA and warning systems.

Messages being real-time have already been used to control pumps and control containment valves in order to proactively reduce pollution.

For more information on how we can help deliver Blue Flag beaches please give us a call and to see how the bathing water is in your area please log on to the Environment Agency bathing water website here