Smart Temperature Monitoring – A Step Towards Net Zero


Establishing a buildings thermal signature analysis can unlock significant savings in energy. A buildings signature can identify locations of heat loss, areas that are too hot/cold, unoccupied, where doors are left open, basically bad practice. Monitoring can also extend to process such as refrigeration which again can be a source of energy loss if temperatures are too cold and/or doors are left open.

RDN offer a comprehensive range of rugged temperature monitoring sensors suitable for deployment in a wide variety of locations that are totally waterproof to the extent they can be hygienically washed.  Sensors are available with integrated thermal masses or with probes to fit a variety of locations.

Digital Temperature Transmitter

Digital Temperature Sensor


The sensors have a proven battery life of 10-years, yet have a record beating minute by minute reporting rate.

Refrigeration energy monitoring, with warning icons when temperature is too low wasting energy and similarly too warm threatening the degradation of the stored produce, be it food, grain, chemicals or chemicals.