RDN at the Flood Defence & Protection Expo 4th – 5th December


Radio Data Networks will be exhibiting at the Flood Defence and Protection Expo between the 4th and 5th of December at Excel London.

The company will be displaying its unique Ofcom licenced secure radio channels that can be used to deliver real time warnings of flooding and river levels from remote locations where cellular coverage is either intermittent or absent.

Under its licence secure links can be established to span distances from a few meters to many tens of km and thanks to the low operating frequency signals propagate through trees and can follow valleys far better than UHF or microwave point to point links.

This year the company will be exhibiting high precision VEGA radar technology interfaced directly to its telemetry whereby river levels can be delivered from the most remote of locations devoid of both mains power and cellular communications.

Further it will be featuring its community level Flood Sentinel visualisation software and its wide area data concentrator that can harvest alarm signals from areas of over 100sq km and deliver them safely to remote web portals, such as that operated by Meteor Communications.