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Sewer & Wastewater Network Monitoring

Lone Worker Solutions

General Purpose Telemetry Transmitters

Wide Area Covert Faux Booster Repeaters

Solar Assisted Wide Area Booster Repeater

Pole Mounted Booster Repeater

Telemetry / Utility Gateway Receiver

Sewer Alarm – External Solar Beacon Unit

Sewer Sentinel FM – Blocked Sewer Monitoring & Alarm PC Software

RDNET1000 STM Storm Tank Level Monitoring & Alarm System

Automated Staff Gauge River Level Transmitters

Signal Multiplexer/Isolator Module

Water Distribution Real-Time Pressure Telemetry System

Wireless Alarm Beacon

RDNET1000 Dual Input Digital Input Card

Serial Protocol Translator Card

Relay Output Card / BDT / FDT Binary Logic Relay Card

Analogue Input Card – RDNET1000 Transmitter & Outstation

RDNET1000 Telemetry Pump Controller

FDT Flow Detector Transducer – With Logic Flow/No-Flow Output

Optically Isolated Digital Input Card

Smart IoT Sensors

Modular Solutions 35mm DIN Rail

Telemetry Station I/O Cards

Our Products and Systems have been built for simplicity of installation, testability, service and maintenance. The vast majority are modular and true plug and play enabling customers to service, maintain and re-configure systems themselves without complex programming and configuration tools. We also offer a custom design and sensor interface service too.

We believe that everything should work out of the box and be both electrically and environmentally hardened. When we claim IP68 we really mean total submersion for days on end, far beyond the requirements of the official IP standards and tests procedures.

With our Modular System Plug and Play is “Plug and Work Straight Away” without the need for programming and software. The system addresses and routine of data is handled automatically by the protocol and is burned into each card / device at manufacture. Each address doubles as a serial number and offers total traceability from manufacture to the point of disposal.

  • Designed for long life
  • Long Battery up to 10-Years
  • Industrially Hardened
  • Simple to Use
  • True Plug & Play
  • Ingress Protection to > IP68
  • ATEX Category 3, Zone 2 option on many products

Testability is something we have built into all products – we have tools and operating modes that permit messages can be monitored / sniffed / evaluated in real-time. Take the example of GSM the operator in the field has no means of testing the network signals and messages, however with our systems we have handheld or PC tools that let an operator monitor the performance of a system on foot or from the comfort / safety of a vehicle.

Radio Data Networks Radio Telemetry IoT Proposition

Real-Time – we don’t believe in autopsy reports like the data logger vendors. Our data is as real-time as you can get and it does not have to go via a distant cloud, it can be delivered straight to the field for control and mitigation purposes. In 2019 we are promoting the use of real-time data as a useful tool to help combat spills of sewage and plastics in the oceans.