Radio Telemetry Gateway Receiver

Radio Telemetry Gateway Receivers

The Gateway Receiver is unique to Radio Data Networks. It was developed in 2010 to at as a Gateway between our remote sensors and any third party Telemetry Outstation, BMS, PLC Controllers and SCADA without any risk or opening up a portal for Cyber Attack. Further it eliminates the need for software investment – the Gateway is truly a Plug and Play requiring no software, programming or configuration.

Gateway receivers are supplied with either 4 or 8 card slots, integrated radio receiver and 230V power supply with built in 12V battery backup charger. Each slot is agnostic and can accept a variety of interface cards that produce volt free contract outputs. For larger system there is a 4-way modular Gateway that can be built up to provide anything from 16 to 64 card slots.

Gateway receivers are also compatible with our remote telemetry transmitters geared for monitoring adopted pumping stations etc.

8-Slot Gateway Receiver Installed at Pumping Station

8-Slot Gateway Receiver Installed at Pumping Station

Gateway Receiver Standard Features:

  • Tough Die-Cast Enclosure to Ip65
  • 230V AC or 12V dc power Supply Options (110V to order)
  • 4 or 8 Card Slot options
  • N-Type Antenna Port
  • Integrated Receiver Strip (150MHz to 950MHz) Supplied to Match System
  • Pre-drilled 20mm conduit entries

Gateway Receiver Construction Options:

  • 4-Slot Chassis in die cast enclosure
  • 8-Slot Chassis in die cast enclosure
  • 4-Slot Modula receiver in 35mm Din Rail Format expandable to 64 ways

Plug in Card Options:

  • Relay Output Card – for BDTs, FDTs, etc.
  • Power Relay Output Card for Lighting control, etc.
  • Analogue Output 0-2V / 4-20mA
  • Pulse output – reed switch for AMR
  • Serial Data Output
  • Customised cards are available to order

Configuring the Gateway is Childs Play – no Software!

The Gateway does not require software or programming as the identity and routeing of data is set entirely by the plug in cards. Simply if you want data from sensor with an ESN of 5207601 then you plug into the Gateway the appropriate card with the same number (we supply the cards pre-programed). Hence it is possible to receive data at one or more locations from the same sensor simply by installing two Gateways with matching cards.

Radio Telemetry Gateway Receiver

Radio Telemetry Gateway Receiver – Modular Version. 4-Slots to 64-Slots mounted on 35mm DIN Rail

Free System Configuration Service

We offer a totally free configuration service where we will supply a Gateway fully populated and tested to match your system requirements.

Modular Gateway Telemetry Receiver with RS485 Interface

Modular Gateway Telemetry Receiver with RS485 Interface




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