Water Metering AMR, Sub-Metering & Leakage Alarms

We all worry about the cost of energy yet few are aware that a single leak from a water main can cost more to a business that the combine savings made over decades of energy saving and efficiency schemes, yet we seldom monitor water consumption, principally because it is difficult! Often water meters are located outside, away from buildings, in pits deep underground making access challenging in particular if they are below roadways or pavements.

Water Meter AMR Transmitter with Magnetic Mount

Water Meter AMR Transmitter with Magnetic Mount for Insertion into a Boundary Box. Illustration shows unit mounted to the underside of a plastic boundary box cover to the metal detector location plate

Aside from the value of the water that is lost, which can run quickly add up to many tens of thousands of pounds. The cost of a major leak can soon escalate out of control when you consider the cost of sewage, which in some cases is billed proportionate to a factor as high as 5x the volume of water consumed. Further, there is the cost associated with the risk of contamination of supply. This is particularly important if you are using water as part of your production process where inevitably production output and time will be lost whilst the leak is fixed and the network flushed. Finally, there are the risks of flooding and water erosion leading to structural damage.

Technology Overview:

  • Wireless technology – eliminates need to run cables, drill holes, will operate through manhole covers / boundary box covers
  • Long Battery Life – 10-years typical
  • No programming or software required – Simply works out of the box!
  • Sealed for life – Encapsulated can withstand total submersion
  • Visual alarm option –Indicator changes colour to warn of tamper or sensor fault.
  • Booster/Repeater Compatible – Read range up to 5km across a site when working from a deep meter pit or boundary box.
  • 15-minute data
Meter Reading Transmitter with Actaris Encoder

Water Meter Reading AMR Transmitter with Actaris Encoder

Simply with real-time monitoring and analysis of water consumption cannot only deliver efficiencies but permits leaks to be spotted early permitting repairs to be planned out of hours without loosing production.

We offer a wide range of meter reading devices that can be used to construct either fixed network or drive-by meter reading systems. We have solutions for deep pits and can supply pulse transmitters with a variety of encoders / reed switches to suit most “read enabled” water meters.

Data can be delivered to laptops, to existing BMS systems via pulse output cards installed into Gateway Receivers or delivered to our Sentinel FM desktop package, where it can be combined with other parameters such as energy, sewer blockage alarms, plant throughput, etc.

Wide Area Water Meter Reading with Data Concentrator

Wide Area Water Meter Reading with Data Concentrator

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