Water Distribution Monitoring & Control

Real-Time Pressure Monitoring Telemetry Transmitter System

Used in conjunction with a 4-20mA pressure transducer this 16-bit resolution transmitter can deliver real-time feedback from water distribution networks over distances of up to 7mile, 10k (subject to topology) to existing infrastructure without connection to the Internet or cellular networks.

Pressure Monitroing Transmitter

The Pressure Monitoring Transmitter can be order to operate on both Licensed and Licence Free Radio Spectrum in three operating bands and at power levels of 1W or 5W.

  • VHF 146-173MHz
  • UHF1 400-440MHz
  • UHF2 440-470MHz

The unit can be battery or powered from an external 12V dc power supply (2A). When battery operated the unit operates in a power save mode that permits the delivery of regular health messages, plus the automatic accelerations of reporting to minute rate in the event of low pressure permitting the signal to be used for real-time pressure management using PRV controllers, valves and/or pumps.

Radio Approvals:

  • European – CE and R-ED Directive
  • US – FCC Part 15 and Part 90
  • Canadian – RSS-19, Issue 9 2007

Key Features:

  • single or dual 4-20mA inputs
  • 16-bit Analogue resolution
  • Option for voltage operation
  • Switched 12V power supply for sensors
  • Test Mode for instant read and range testing
  • Standard 15-minute health message – 1-minute low pressure mode
  • IP66 Enclosure
  • IK08 Impact protection
  • Bollard mounting option with quick release stainless steel mounting plate
  • N-Type antenna power
  • Distance 500m to 10km depending upon antenna and topology
  • Battery or 12V dc operation

Receiver Options:

  • RDNET1000 Gateway with 4-20mA output card
  • Tetra Gateway
  • Satellite Gateway

Signal Repeater Compatibility

Fully compatible with RDNET1000 network repeaters


Not to be placed within potentially explosive atmospheres – NOT ATEX certified due to RF power levels and operating voltages and current. Should be positioned in a “safe” area and connections made via an ATEX isolation barrier only.

Sales & orders

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