River Level Monitoring

Radar Based River Level Monitoring

Radar Based River Level Monitoring with Real-Time Telemetry and mm Accuracy

With the RDNET1000 microwave radar river level monitoring system you can measure and monitor remote river levels with mm accuracy 24/7 without the need of mains power, telephone lines or cellular network access.

VEGA Radar Level Transducer

VEGA Radar Level Transducer

Operating on K-band microwave frequencies the radar level gauge is easy to install and does not require stilling tubes, yet is unaffected by cross winds or rain. The associated radio telemetry controller  includes a long life battery pack, battery management and a choice between licence free, cellular or licenced radio operation.

The telemetry controller and the radar level gauges can also be supplied housed in a variety of enclosures for either permanent  installation or as portable kits for rapid emergency deployment.

The licenced radio option is a popular rapidly growing part of our business which already delivers approaching 100-million messages per annum. Licenced operation gives any flood warning and/or river level monitoring system a robust platform immune from 3rd party outages, immunity from obsolescence of the cellular networks and most importantly protection in law against acts of deliberate interference. As a bonus the power efficiency of licenced radio permits systems to be constructed that deliver regular health messages.  Licenced operation is open to our Local Authority, Agency and Utility customers in any part of the UK.

Data can be delivered directly to single or multiple locations and optionally repeated over considerable distances. It can also be used for real-time control of sluice valves, gates, pumps, etc.

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