Radio Telemetry for River Catchment Monitoring

Catchment Monitoring & Pollution Prevention

Every river, stream, brook, burn and creek has as a catchment area. This is the area where rainfall collects either on the surface or through the soils and sub-soils. Catchment monitoring has many facets – this includes turbidity from soil erosion, the level of phosphorous and nitrates from farming, dissolved oxygen levels, pH, flow, water temperature, plus any specific parameter that may be associated with a up-stream discharge from industry.

Mission Critical IoT & Radio Telemetry for Catchment Monitoring:

Radio Telemetry has many advantages for catchment monitoring. Firstly, many catchment areas are remote and devoid of power, PSTN and cellular communications. Radio Telemetry transmitters such as our RDNET1000 family can be interfaces to a multitude of transducers and crucially have the ability to apply power to the sensors just prior to taking a reading thus extending battery life many fold.

Radio Telemetry Systems

Typically catchment parameters such as turbidity, pH, temperature, etc. are monitored on 15-minute intervals and correlated against other catchment data feeds such as rainfall. Our Gateways can be configured to deliver the data from the field to existing environmental monitoring outstations or alternatively via a web portal to the internet.


Our telemetry systems can measure pH, Turbidity,Flow, Temperature, Level, Phosphorous, DO and much more:

Remote Catchment Monitoring

 Our Radio Telemetry Systems Support the Following Protocols:

  • 4-20mA
  • Digital Logic
  • SDI-12
  • Serial ASCII (bespoke)
  • Modbus

Measuring from Ultra Remote Locations:


IoT Critical Network of Things

Catchment Monitoring Example

Thanks to our unique UK National Ofcom data licence are able to extract data from the most remote of locations are a fraction of the cost of a comparable satellite link. Distances of up to 50km can be achieved over relatively flat terrain and over hills 10km is still quite common.

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