Sewer Flow Controller Sewer Flow Regulator

Sewer Flow Regulators – Combat Surcharges, Reduce CSO Spills and Combat Plastics in the Oceans

Make 2019 the Year for Reducing Sewer Spills, Optimising Sewer Capacity, Reducing CSO Operations and Reducing the Volume of Plastics Entering our Oceans using a Sewer Regulator Valve.

First deployed in 2018 the Patented Sewer Regulator Unit is the perfect solution for reducing or controlling the flow in sewers at peak periods and thereby assists to reduce spills, overloads and to balance the loads entering a sewage treatment plant.

Need for Sewer Flow Regulation

As the picture illustrates the issues are clear however controlling an open-loop system, i.e. the sewer networks requires a solution is can be retrofitted, without the need for mains power and has the ability to receive local control signals

Retrofit Sewer Flow regulations

Having spent over 30-years in the Water and Wastewater sector our lead designers have come up with a solution to all of the above issues plus have made it truly affordable!


Sewer Flow Regulator Innustration

Lightweight the Sewer Flow Regulator can be installed by hand without the need for a winch or crane.

The regulator can be crafted / profiled to fit a existing sewer invert and benching and even can be retrofitted to plastic chambers.


Sewer Flow Regulator During Installtion into a Plastic Chamber on a New Housing Estate

The Patented overflow weir can be adjusted to set the spill point in the unlikely event of the regulator failing in the closed position.

Sewer Flow Regulator Networks

The controls for the Sewer Flow Regulator are Simple, on-off binary making the SFR controllable from sensors such as the Radio Data Networks BDT, FDT and FST or alternatively directly from a telemetry system. There is the choice of single point control  where the flow is inhibited by a single sensor or dual point control.

Sewer Flow Regulator Control - Single Point


With dual-point control the flow can be modulated and levels controlled to prevent excess levels both up and down stream of the SFR.