Blocked Urinal / Sewer Pipe Alarm

Small Bore Pipe Blockage AlarmĀ 

Small bore pipes can block or be subject to surcharge from blockages elsewhere in a buildings sewage system. The Bubble stack monitor is an innovative solution to detecting blockages in vented small bore sewage and drainage pipes, before a spill occurs.

The system operates using a micro-compressor that injects air into the pipe being monitored via a thin catarrh. The back pressure produced by water/sewage in the blocked pipe is detected and once above a certain threshold generates an alarm. It has to be noted that this type of systems effectiveness will depend upon site conditions and more trial sites are sought across the UK.

Bubble Sewer Stack Monitor

The unit is easy to install and can be mains or battery operated, supplied as a visual / audible alarm, with a relay output and optional wireless interface permitting it to operate with one of our Sentinel or Gateway receivers.

Sewer Stack Monitoring System

Using the Gateway receiver the stack monitor can interface with a buildings BMS system and SCADA,