Sewer Stack Monitor

Blocked Stack Alarm

A unique solution to a challenging stacks & down pipes

Sewer stacks and drainage down pipes, especially those from rooftop gardens can block and cause flooding and damage to a building and its contents. Further a blocked stack can pose a heath hazard especially if the stack carriers contaminated waste or radioactive isotopes from perhaps a hospitals cancer ward.

Stack System Installed in NHS Hospital

Radio Data Networks sewer stack monitoring system is highly cost effective and easy to install on both vertical and horizontal stacks, and can be deployed as a stand alone system or interfaced via our Gateways to the buildings BMS system. Each system comprises of a stack adapter that is inserted into the stack, a stack condition detector / transmitter and a receiver.

Blocked Stack detector and Transmitter Assembly

The stack condition detector is battery operated making it easy and safe to install in ducts and risers. Its wireless technology eliminates the need for cables between the stacks and the receiver / BMS interface.  Supplied as DIY kits, the systems can be installed in a matter of minutes and up and running in under an hour.

Systems can be created to monitor a single stack or up to 4 stacks in a single location.

Typical Gateway Receiver Connected to a Telemetry Outstation

BMS Gateway Receiver with Relay Outputs

Receiver options include our Sentinel Receiver and our BMS Gateway.  The Sentinel can provide up to 4-zones of protection and provides status LEDs and an audible warning. Whereas the Gateway is for installation in service ducts and risers and provides individual relays for each of the stacks being monitored enabling the BMS system to be programmed to display the individual stack conditions.