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Blocked Sewer Alarm – High Sump Alarm with Flashing Beacon

A wireless 100% battery powered blocked sewer alarm system,  blocked drain or high sump level alarm system intended for commercial and industrial locations such as offices, factories, underground car parks, service yards, depots, etc.

As simple and cost effective way to warn staff of a blockage without having to resort to running cables or to lift manhole covers. This battery powered receiver complete with flashing LED beacon can be installed both within and outside factories to pick up messaged broadcasts by our BDT or Float Switch Blocked Sewer / Drain Transmitters located within a manhole within typically 10 to 50m radius.

Blocked Sewer Alarm with Warning Beacon

Blocked Sewer Alarm –  High Sump Alarm with Warning Beacon

Subject to an initial risk assessment the BDT Blocked Sewer / high sump transmitter or Float Switch Transmitter can normally be installed and adjusted without the need to enter the drain, sewer or sump eliminating the need for an expensive confined space entry team. Overall the installation process can take as little as 15-minutes using nothing more than a set of drain keys, a safety barrier (or human guard when manhole is open), step ladder, a battery powered drill and screwdriver.

Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed

Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed


  • Blocked Drains for Car Parks
  • High Sump Alarm
  • Blocked Sump Pump Alarm
  • Clogged Sewer Alarm
  • Packet Sewage treatment Plant Alarm
  • Underground Car Parks
  • Factories
  • Office Blocks
  • Basements Flood Alarms
  • Blocked Sewer Alarms for Factories

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