Blocked Sewer Alarm Portable Status Scanner banner

Blocked Sewer Alarm Scanner Receiver

Detect Blocked Sewers without having to leave a vehicle or having to lift a manhole cover!

The Radio Data Networks hand held scanner is a useful tool for customers that wish to monitor the status of sewers fitted with out BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm Transmitters on foot or from a vehicle. The scanner is battery powered and is capable of detecting the message from one of our transmitters within typically a 50m to 100m radius of a manhole chamber.

When a message is received the display will activate and display both the electronic serial number of the BDT Transmitter and the status of the sewer as simply Blocked or OK. If OK the unit also emits a single bleep and if blocked a distinctive double bleep.

Use on Foot:

Used on foot, hand carried, the scanner can be used to patrol factory estates, office blocks, shopping malls and factory complexes.

Vehicle Kit:

The receiver can be supplied with an external magnetically mounted antenna that permits the patrol of vast areas on the move. Typically most highway installations can be monitored at a speed of up to 20km per hour. When used in a vehicle the receiver should be mounted in such a position as to not distract the driver. He/she should listen for the dual bleep to as an indication of a blockage or past blockage which has left a residue of FOG or rags and needs cleaning.


  • Blocked Drains for Car Parks
  • High Sump Alarm
  • Blocked Sump Pump Alarm
  • Clogged Sewer Alarm
  • Packet Sewage treatment Plant Alarm
  • Underground Car Parks
  • Factories
  • Office Blocks
  • Basements Flood Alarms
  • Blocked Sewer Alarms for Factories

No software or games:

Managers be assured – unlike tablet or phone based systems the scanner is manufactured with code that cannot be altered or loaded with viruses or games.