Satellite Borehole Monitoring

A Single Solution for a Global Problem – Satellite Based Monitoring for Boreholes and Groundwater

Using the Iridium Satellite Network we are able for the first time to offer a “one fits all” solution to the problem of monitoring boreholes and groundwater levels globally. Ordinarily monitoring would require the provision of local infrastructure and/or the provision of SIM cards and associated modems configured and approved for operation on networks, not an easy task as many can testify.

Our bespoke Iridium based monitoring solution offer a single platform with virtually global approval that makes exporting technology globally a breeze. Unlike a SIM card based cellular technology, the use of Iridium means that we can manufacture systems that can be tested and sealed for life prior to shipping with the assurance that they will work when they arrive at their ultimate point of deployment.

Because Iridium uses Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology the antenna size are also much smaller making them easier to hide within bollards and borehole covers. Further, with a super-fast wakeup and connect time in comparison to cellular it is possible to achieve significantly longer battery life for the same reporting frequency.

Finally, unlike traditional geo-stationary satellite communication where there is a single satellite in fixed orbit on the equator,  the Iridium network doesn’t have black spots in valleys and behind building. Iridium’s 66 LOE satellites create a mission critical network with multi-redundancy ensuring even in the unlikely event that one satellite is out of service, another will round in a few minutes to restore service.

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