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Rail & Highways Infrastructure Remote Condition Monitoring


Past History: Our engineering team has over two decades experience in the design and delivery of system to monitor railway infrastructure condition, often referred to as remote condition monitoring. Back in early 2000 they were the pioneers behind the UK’s rail industry rail temperature monitoring system the RTM that went live in 2003 and won a prestigious Railway Innovation Award.

They also developed an on-train, real-time, hot axle box monitoring system, took part in various studies to investigate non-evasive methods of detecting faults on OHL systems, and delivered a VHF FFSK radio based system to decode tokens from RETB to control level crossings.

Present History: In 2018 our team developed a Satellite Gateway the opened up the possibility to utilise the Iridium Satellite network for a multitude of remote condition and infrastructure monitoring applications. The systems was successfully trialled by Network Rail’s RDIC research centre and were the subject of an internal report.

RDNs Iridium Satellite Gateway on Trial at NW Rail's test Track to demonstrate the application of the Iridium Satellite Network for remote condition monitoring

On Trial at RDIC test track – RDN’s Iridium Satellite Gateway

They have become joint patent holders on a simplified railway infrastructure design

Finally in 2020 successfully built systems for monitoring parameters such as flows under bridges for bridge scour monitoring and river levels that hybridise the application of the Iridium Satellite Network and the Radio Data Networks micro-power BDT solid-state level sensor technology.

In highways, again the BDT sensor have been deployed with successes, to enable real-time monitoring and/or of sewers, drains and gullies.

automated highways gully monitoring, highways safety, gully flood monitoring, gully blockage alarm

The RDNET1000 Gully Monitoring System based upon RDN’s award winning BDT sensor technology

We also supply automated flood warning signs that are can trigger a whole variety of signs to warn drivers about flooded roads or high levels on fords.

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