Alarm system for adopted pumping stations

Monitoring Adopted Sewers & Pumping Stations

The adoption of hundreds of thousands of km of sewers and tens of thousands of private pumping stations is becoming a nightmare for water utilities all over the UK when it comes to integrating them into their existing monitoring and control systems.

We have a solution that permit the simple and cost effective monitoring of both adopted sewers and pumping stations that is cost effective, future proof and easy to integrate with existing telemetry and SCADA. So how do we do it?

Using either our secure Ofcom licenced radio band we setup subnets around an existing pumping station or similar asset that collects the data from a cluster of adopted pumping stations, typically over an area of 30 square km or greater.

The Telemetry Outstation

Self contained with a choice of analogue and/or digital inputs, integrated mains power supply with crucially a battery backup permitting it to report sustained power outages.

Key Features

  • Low Cost Monitoring, from, under £1,000 per station!
  • No SIM Card rental**
  • Easy Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  • One or 2-way Operation (Monitoring or Control) Optional
  • Operates in remote areas
  • Sustained Mains Power Failure Alarms
  • Single or Multiple Stations Monitored (1 to 16) back to a Single Point
  • No Software or Configuration Required
  • Fully Self Testing / Fault Reporting easy to View Status via LEDs
  • Compatible with Existing BDT/ FDT Systems Permitting Local Blockages to be Monitored
  • Band II Ofcom Licenced Variant Available
  • Range typically 1Km to 10km
  • Proven not to Interfere with Existing UHF Telemetry / Scanning Telemetry Systems
  • Based Upon Industry Proven & Established Technology

Typically we can monitor the status of an adopted pumping station within a 5m radius of an existing pumping station. The path need not be line of sight but there are limits! Under challenging circumstances we are also able to supply repeaters, boosters and higher gain antenna that can increase significantly so all is not lost. Each upgrade kit normally permits the monitoring of up to three parameters, from each pumping station.

Adopted Pumping Station Monitoring With Additional Level Control

Adopted Pumping Station Monitoring With Additional Level Control

Will it work for you?

If in doubt we offer a comprehensive field survey whereby we will warrant the viability of the link before you commit to the project.

Alarm Data Communicated

  • Pump MPR (Motor protection relay trip)
  • High Level Alarms for Wet Wells
  • Fault / Tamper
  • Sustained Power Failure at Pumping Station

Easy to Add External Blocked Sewer or Wet Well Alarms

It is very easy to monitor multiple pumping stations over the same network the only limitation is the number of spare card slots remaining at the receiver.  If however you do run short we offer a part exchange upgrade programme whereby for example a 4-slot Gateway can be upgraded to a 8-slot and a 8-slot to a 16 and even 32 slot unit.

Easy to Connect Gateway

The Gateway Receiver concept is a proven simple way to extend the reach of existing telemetry outstations. The Gateway simply produces volt free contact that connect straight across into spare inputs without the need for programming or complex interface drivers. Simply there is nothing to go wrong and there are LEDs on associated with each alarm to aid testing.

  • Should the system fail for whatever reason the digital out cards third tamper/alarm contact will automatically drop indicating that there is a fault, and if communications is lost for a sustained period similarly the contact will open!
  • Unlike GSM / GPRS devices that have to operate via a 3rd part cloud application or require a portal in you back-office, our systems seamlessly integrate with your existing SCADA at no cost. All you need is a few spare digital inputs at the outstation per station and you are up and running!

Monitoring Multiple Pumping Stations from a Single Location

We can also include local wet well and blocked sewer alarms, derived from existing float switches or BDT / FDT transducers in the vicinity of the pumping station. The signals from these transducers can incorporated within the pumping status’s data and brought back to the outstation using the same message stream.

If further signals are required a second card can be fitted to permit an additional three digital. Alternatively and analogue card can be fitted to permit the monitoring of a 4-20mA loop transducer relating for example to a wet well level.

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal