SSO and CSO Monitoring for small island communities

Small Island Telemetry & Pollution Monitoring

Affordable and practical solutions for small islands and principalities who lack resource to install and operate a full blown SCADA systems.

Just like using building blocks we can supply systems to monitor, control and even mitigate pollution on a scale that is affordable for small communities, islands,  principalities and private holiday beaches, which being reliant on tourism are always at risk from pollution. Our systems are expandable, do not require software, connection to the internet, cell phone coverage, or programming making them simple to self install and to grow over time as resources permit.

Pollution monitoring for small islands

Pollution monitoring for small islands

Systems start with the most basic, that simply monitor the function and deliver alarms concerning pumping stations, etc. They can also include the warnings about blocked sewers, spills from CSO and SSO overflows, turbidity, lack of dissolved oxygen, spills from industrial plant, etc. Plus they can also monitor for river levels, tide levels, sunlight, water tanks for legionella, etc. In truth you tell us what you want to monitor and we are certain that we have a solution.

Data can be hosted on nothing more than a PC or fed into a hotels building management system. Text messages and e-mails can be generated in the event of alarms or where there is inadequate cell phone coverage messages can be delivered by pagers to key staff.

To date we have already installed systems cover two islands one of which has an area of just 64 sq km.

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