Bunded Store Alarms

Bunded Store & Container Monitoring & Alarms

Monitor for Fire, Spills, Unauthorised Access or add Emergency Call Points to existing or new bunded stores or containers without the need for cables or to drill holes.

Bunded chemical store alarms

Bunded chemical store alarms

In the vast majority of cases data / readings can be delivered from within a bunded container without the need to drill holes, run cable or to attach antenna to the outside of the store.

Solutions include:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Call Points
  • Heat Sensors
  • Bund Water Level Monitoring
  • Spill Monitoring

Data or Alarms can simply be audible or flashing lights or delivered as volt-free contacts to existing telemetry / alarm systems.

Sewer Sentinel Blocked Sewer Alarm Receiver

Sewer Sentinel Blocked Sewer Alarm Receiver


  • Easy Installation – No Software or Programming
  • Battery Powered
  • Self Testing Health Message
  • IP68 Sealed Construction
  • ATEX Certification
  • Magnetic Mounting for ease of attachment

Receiver Options:

  • Wall Mounted 4-Zone Sentinel
  • Gateway Receiver to Existing Alarm / SCADA
  • Serial With Data to Sentinel FM via RS232 or USB
Fire Call Point for Bunded Stores

Fire Call Point for Bunded Stores


Survey, Installation  and Service packages.

Software Monitoring:

We also offer PC base logging and alarming using our Windows based Sentinel FM software. This includes the option of SMS text and e-mail warnings and status reports.

Pollution Containment Accessories

To support the alarms we offer a range of in-drain pollution containment valves which can be retrofitted in most cases without the need for civil works and can be activated in the event of spill or fire outside of the bunded area.

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