Radio Telemetry Pollution Monitoring

Pollution Monitoring & Mitigation Technology

Say goodbye to Autopsy Reports! We have proven technology to both detect and in many cases proactively mitigate pollution and water quality related issues in real-time. As already stated publically by one leading UK water Utility, our technology has already been used to assist the reduction of pollution incidents by 60%.

Starting from detecting blockages in sewers, spills from CSOs,  we can measure PH,  water level, water temperature, turbidity, phosphate levels, the list is almost endless. Generally if there is a sensor on the market we can interface with it and deliver its data.  However, we don’t stop there. We have the ability to implement control. This could be adjusting the dose rate for dosing plant, controlling pumps to synchronise flow, to open and close valves in order to holdback or to divert flow or to control air curtains. Again the list is endless.

History of Pollution Monitoring:

Our engineers has spent over 25-years pioneering the remote measurement of pollution using radio telemetry. Back in the 1980’s they started measuring PH in rivers, then sludge blanket levels at sewage treatment works, flows of sewerage from big business, dissolved oxygen levels in rivers and lakes.

In those early days the responses were mainly reactive requiring generally human intervention and the data was used predominately for billing or litigation. However at the tail of the last century some forward thinking customers started to use real-time data for control – the most famous case being that of controlling air curtains in freshwater reservoirs as embellished in the IEE article “Not forever blowing bubbles” published back in 1999.

Pollution Mitigation

Pollution Mitigation

Pollution Laws and the Need for Pollution Mitigation:

Nowadays justifiably both regulators and the public expect more. Legalisation such as the European Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC and the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC mandate the Prevention and Reduction of pollution. Copies of both directive can be downloaded from the new EUR-Lex website

Fortunately, in response we can deliver more – both in terms of sensors to both deliver real-time data and their ability to interface with both existing assets/controls and new innovative technologies such as pollution and CSO containment valves.

The most important development we believe has been our Gateway Receiver. Simple in concept the gateway converts using a combination of simple binary logic and fuzzy logic data from a multitude of sensors into simple to interface relay contacts that can interface with almost any legacy telemetry, PLC or SCADA outstation. Gateways are now widely deployed both in the utility and private sector and deliver over 100-million messages per annum.

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