OEM Solar Solutions

60W Solar Kiosk

10W 3in (76mm) Pole Top Solar Mount

10W 2in (52mm) Pole Top Solar Mount

60W Solar Panel Mount

Radio Data Networks have a long history of producing power efficient telemetry solutions for monitoring and taking control of our world. As a consequence over the years we have also developed a range of solar panel mounts, support brackets, controllers and kiosks which are now available to our clients for OEM use.

This range includes pole mount adapters for 10W and 20W solar panels to enable them to mount on top of 2in (50mm) and 3in (75mm) poles. A  range of integrated mounts, with battery & regulator housings for 30W and 60W panels. Finally we also have a floor standing kiosk with integrated 60W solar panel. All mounts are designed and manufactured in the UK and are optimised for maximum UK winter month energy capture with a tilt angle of 80 degrees, making them perfect for powering signs, beacons, lights, CCTV and environmental sensors.