Landfill Site & Leachate Monitoring

Landfill sites are if poorly manged contribute towards both global warming and aquatic pollution. Sites are normally constructed to contain methane and the aquatic leachate which results from decomposition and infiltration by rainfall.

By controlling the levels of the leachate within a landfill site it is possible to prevent aquatic pollution and to regulate the generation of methane, a greenhouse gas 25x more potent than CO2. Leachate levelĀ  regulation can also be used where the methane gas is used for electricity production to maintain near constant level of production.

From a technology perspective landfill leachate monitoring is almost identical to borehole monitoring. The exception is the depths which have to be monitored are much shallower and there is no need for transducers with WRAS approval as mandated for use in potable water.

Automated Leachate Monitoring Issue 1.0



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