Industrial: Radio Telemetry, Retrofit Monitoring to Help Industry Take Control

Net Zero, requires industry to take far greater control of its facilities, processes and discharges than it does a present. Emissions produced are not just CO2 but also can include pollutants, both atmospheric and aquatic that can if uncontrolled can lead to the site operator being prosecuted.

Radio Telemetry Receiver Station

Radio Telemetry unlike IoT offers real-time local control of processes across a site without the need to run cables or to provide main power. Radio-Telemetry systems such as those produced by RDN can operate right across sites often without the need repeaters,  complex setup and can interface seamlessly with the sites existing BMS / SCADA and not require a cloud.

Salinity Monitoring Telemetry Transmitter

Messages can include for example the start/stop of pumps, fans, conveyer belts. The reporting of faults, the measurement of levels, temperatures, pressure, flow rates, control PCD valves, the list is unlimited in-fact any 4-20mA type of signal or relay / switch type contact.

Free Custom Build Service – Systems Delivered to Work out the Box

Systems designed and configured here in the UK and delivered to your site, fully configured, tested and working out of the box. Zero configuration, programming and software required ensuring that our systems can be installed by electricians and technicians rather than computer scientists.

Simply provide your requirements, and we will provide a bespoke detailed quotation usually within 48hrs.


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