Blocked Sewer Alarm System Installed in Car Park of Office Block

Blocked Sewer Alarms & Sump Pump Alarms – Commercial & Industrial

Blocked Sewer Alarms, Proven Technology! We have a wide portfolio of Blocked Sewer Detectors / Transmitters and Receivers to help customers prevent a regular everyday occurrence from becoming an embarrassing and economic disaster!

Sewers and drains block, backup and surcharge for a variety of reasons ranging from sewer collapse, tree roots through to the build up of FOG (fat, oil and grease), wet wipes, etc. Early warning of sewer blockages or partial blockages can be detected by monitoring the sewer levels at various locations over a site within manhole chambers in order to detect abnormally high levels both during dry and wet weather conditions.

We Supply Blocked Sewer and Drain Alarms for:

Developed in 2010 and originally supplied exclusively to the water utility sector – the BDT technology is now used across the board from Hospitals to Railway Stations.

Blocked Sewer Alarms Wireless (med)

We can Detect Blocked Sewers Without Lifting a Manhole Cover:

We have industry leading and proven technology to detect blockages and stoppages in sewer mains / lines buried under floor of virtually any construction and with any type of surface finish without the need to run cables and to construct ducts in floors.

wireless blocked sewer alarm

In 2010, Radio Data Networks introduced a new radical approach to generating sewer alarms and sewer monitoring called the BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm Transducer. This crucially included a fully battery powered sensor technology and a real time communications system that permitted sewer levels to monitored for blockages 24/7 almost anywhere on a site irrespective of its size, from below manhole covers, without modification or the need to run cables. Now in 2017 and circa 2.5 billion messages later the BDT has proven itself to be reliable, easy to install and effective.

Blocked Sewer Alarm Messages/Warnings Delivered Locally or Centrally:

Messages from our Blocked Sewer Alarm systems can be delivered locally to alarm panels , flashing beacon controllers, or remotely to external solar powered flashing beacons or into a buildings BMS system or SCADA. Using a PC based software package Sentinel FM and a radio interface to the PC we can also offer 24/7 monitoring and data logging with graphical visualisation. Link to Sentinel FM.

Blocked Sewer Alarm Receivers

For More Details please follow the link here Blocked Sewer & Surcharge Monitoring Application Note AN05-01

Key Features

  • Wireless Communications – No Cables to Run
  • Easy to Install from Surface – Eliminates Confined Space Entry
  • No-Programming or Software
  • Visual Set Trip Levels 0 – 4m as standard, option up to 15m
  • Automatic Self Test
  • Operates Without Need to Modify Manholes
  • Operates from below Inset / Covered Manholes
  • 10-Year Battery Life on Sensors
  • Sensor Alarm transmitters Waterproof Construction to IP68
  • ATEX assessed to Zone 2
  • Tell tale Indication of Transient Surcharges
  • Supplied Complete With Wall Bracket
  • Proven with over 5-years of operational experience

We also offer a compact, low cost version of the BDT geared towards the small building, restaurant and retail sector, called the BDT Lite.

Blocked Sewer/Drain Alarm System with BMS Interface


Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed

Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed

Blocked sewer alarm system for small businesses

Portable Block Sewer Alarm Systems

We also offer a range of hand portable systems that can be used on foot or from a vehicle.

Blocked Sewer Alarm Portable Status Scanner

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