Wireless Automatic Staff Gauge

Wireless Automatic River Staff Gauges

Hydrostatic pressure based river staff gauge housed in a tough fiberglass stilling tube. Battery powered and able to communicate in real-time over either a licenced or licence free radio channel.

Thanks to our Ofcom licenced radio channel we are able to install our wireless river staff gauges in areas devoid of cellular coverage. Further communication are in real-time and over distances of up to 5km with data replicated as either a 4-20mA loop and/or posted to a remote web server.

Features include:

  • Battery powered
  • Accuracy typically +/- 0.5cm
  • Transmission rate 1-minute to 15-minutes
  • Licenced or licence free radio transmission
  • 100m to 5km range, 25km with repeater
  • Receiver with Analogue 4-20mA output or 0-2V
  • Data compatible with RDNET data Concentrator

For further information please contact your RDN sales representative.