Emergency Flood Warning Beacon

Wide Area Evacuation & Warning Beacon Systems

Radio Data Networks have a range of Wide Are Flood Evacuation and Warning beacons that offer visual and/or audible warning of impending floods.

Supplied to a variety of clients including the UK’s Environment Agency these beacons can be supplied with standard LED beacons or high intensity long range ship’s beacons with an optical range of up to one nautical mile.

The evacuation beacons can be supplied complete with integrated solar charging, controls and one- and two-way radio telemetry. With two-way radio telemetry the beacons can be configured to auto-report their status back to a Satellite or Radio Telemetry Gateway via which the state of charge, vandalism of the solar panels and the on/off, lamp failure can be monitored. With Radio Telemetry Gateways alarms are supplied as simple volt-free contacts enabling interface with existing on site alarms, BMS systems and SCADA.

The units in the picture below are house in an environmental toughened and air-rifle bullet proof, stainless-steel enclosure specifically designed to mount on top of a standard CCTV tower mount.