Hospital flood alarm system

Automated Staff Gauge River Level Transmitters

Cosmetically designed to look like nothing more than an ordinarily staff gauge, the RDNET1000 Wireless River Staff Gauge offers industry leading performance when it comes to automated river level measurement and alarm generation.

Already employed by the NHS and others to protect some of the UK’s most critical strategic sites, the wireless staff gauge offers significant performance advantages over its GSM rivals, including real-time messaging, improved battery life, 100% cyber attack immunity and automated health messaging.

covert automated river staff gauge with telemetry

covert automated river staff gauge with telemetry

With the choice of set point BDT type sensors, analogue or SDI-12 pressure transducers, systems can be constructed to monitor depth in streams and rivers from just a few cm depth to many meters, with data reporting back to a Gateway Receiver, local PC, BMS system or telemetry outstation in real-time.

Dual and triple redundancy options exits satisfying those critical industry sectors such as heavy industry, rail and nuclear. The staff gauges are fabricated in high quality weather resistant GRP and can be supplied in lengths from 1m to up to 6m. Scaling on the outside of the staff gauge can be metric or imperial.

Additional features include and integrated temperature monitoring to raise an alarm in the event of ice formation which could damage the level transducer and tamper. The latter is considered key by customers when installing gauges in public areas, where an instant tamper message is broadcast if the gauge is subject to a significant shock, removed or tilted.

Typical Specification:

 Staff Gauge:

  •             160mm or 200mm cross section 6mm thick GRP up to 6m in length
  •             1m with 0.05m increments
  •             Integral Stilling Tube

 Level Transducer:

BDT Based Flood Alarm for Screen Blinding Detection

BDT Based Flood Alarm for Screen Blinding Detection

  •             SDI-12 Based Level transducer with 3 or 6m span
  •             0.1% accuracy typical
  •             5-minute sample rate
  •             5km broadcast radius
  •             5 to 10 year battery life
  •             Health messages
  •             Tamper message
  •             Test Mode
  •             Staff Gauge Construction 160mm or 200mm cross section 6mm thick GRP
  •             1m with 0.05m increments

 Ice Warning Transducer:

  •             Integrated Temperature Measurement to 0.1C resolution

 Radio System:

  •             Operating Frequency XXX.XXMHz
  •             Secure licenced radio
  •             Transmit power typically 100mW
  •             Multiple frequency options – YES
  •             Modulation – Narrow Band FM
  •             Broadcast Distance > 5Km typical subject to topology

Receiver options include Gateways that interface to BMS and SCADA with a choice of serial or analogue 0-2V or 4-20mA outputs. Data may also be relayed over networks such as DMR and Tetra using the highly secure SDS messaging protocol.

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