BDT Flood Level Transducer

The BDT Flood Level Transducer, is a unique solid-state sensor for flood level monitoring and reporting applications.  The BDT operates using an unique bulk dielectric measurement technique developed back in 2010 and used is extensively across the utility, healthcare and industrial sectors.

Housed in a tough fiberglass protective tube, the BDT offers unrivalled performance,  longevity, operating temperature range, and ultra-low power consumption compared to hydrostatic level transducers, float switches, ultrasonics and radar sensors.

The BDT Flood Level Sensor has a low hysteresis compared to float switches of just 3cm. When used with one of RDN’s transmitters or fuzzy logic interfaces the BDT Flood Level Senor can be used to generate single point or multi-level alarm trip points, as illustrated above a 2-level system.