Auromated Flood Warning Signs

Automated Flood Warning Signs

Automated Flood Warning SignWe manufacture of range of automated flood warning signs that can operate either autonomously under the control of water levels sensors such as our BDT’s or as part of an integrated remotely controlled system.

Thanks to our unique ultra low power operating strategies it is possible to operate the signs in areas devoid of power, using solar or battery power. For an example of one in operation please follow the link here.Automated Flood Sign in Action .

For minimal additional cost the wording on the signs can be 100% bespoke and in virtually any language or multiple languages. Signs can include standard discharge tube flashers or state of the art high intensity LEDs.

How our Flood Warning Signs Communicate

Our signs can include a variety of control and communication options from licence free radio through to licenced PMR radio operating on a secure radio channel. These systems also often include a fully automated health monitoring system that reports the operational status of the signs 24/7.

Unlike GSM/GPRS and similar technologies, the majority if our systems operate independently of 3rd party networks and we even offer operation on an exclusive Ofcom licenced radio band where in the event of a major disaster operation is assured unlike cellular where networks collapse under the weight of traffic.

Automated Flood Sensor Systems

Our flood warnings systems can be controlled automatically using a variety of sensors including our award winning ultra low power BDT level sensors, through to ultrasonic and microwave level gauges.

In order to keep cost to a minimum, the vast majority of our sensors operate from batteries and communicate wirelessly. Distances between the sensors can be anything from a few tens of meters and up to many km.

Automated Flood Sign System

Illumination Options

The signs can be illuminated using traditional discharge flashing beacons or state of the art high luminosity LEDs.

Single or Multiple Signs

Our systems can comprise of anything from as single sign trough to multiple signs and sirens to cover a variety of junction and road layouts.

Custom Design Service

Our in house UK based engineering team are able to offer a totally bespoke solution to accommodate the most demanding customer requirements. Signs can be totally bespoke, with custom wording, languages and dimensions. Signs are normally supplied for mounting on standard 70mm diameter poles however they can also be supplied with wall mounting kits.

Power Supply Options – No Mains required!

The majority of our signs can be operated for long periods from batteries or a combination of batteries and solar and/or wind power.