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Machine Vibration Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring

The monitoring of machines can take many forms, starting from the run time through to more advanced data such as temperature and levels of vibration over time.

Key to machine monitoring is the ability to extract data non-evasively without having to modify the machine or to compromise safety. In the vast majority of cases machines like pumps, fans, filters, scrapers, power transformers, conveyers, etc. were designed without any thought of being monitored. Hence monitoring often requires the retro-fit attachment of bespoke sensors / transducer to detect the required parameter.

We offer a wide range of standard and semi-custom transducers that can be used to monitor:

  • Temperature: Core, Bearing or Body Temperature
  • Vibration Level: Average and Peak
  • Power Consumed: Kw or Current
  • Alarm Status: Trip Alarms & Relay Status
  • Run Time: By Vibration, Current or Contact Status

Data can be interfaced to existing BMS system, analysed on site using our Windows FM Data logging package or delivered off site to remote data servers for analysis in CSV or JSON file formats.

Sales & orders

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