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Process Monitoring

Energy Monitoring & Targeting

Energy, that is electricity, gas and hot water are one of the largest semi-variable costs for most businesses and for some can account for up to 50% of input cost. Hence, the ability to monitor and target energy is seen by many as crucial and we agree. However, we believe that monitoring energy on its own is seldom enough as there are many other factors in a facility that if monitored and controlled can help to reduce energy consumption.

Meter Reading AMR with Pulse Encoder

Meter Reading AMR Transmitter with Pulse Encoder

We offer a comprehensive range of energy and machine monitoring devices that can monitor anything from the energy consumed through to the run time of a process, the temperature of a warehouse or room/s, the switching of AC, through to the time that outside doors have been propped open by staff. Furthermore, if you have a PV system we can help you control plant to take advantage of peak output and to inhibit loads during darkness.

  • Wireless technology – eliminates need to run cables, drill holes
  • Long Battery Life – 10-years typical
  • No programming or software required – Simply works out of the box!
  • Sealed for life tamper proof construction
  • Visual alarm option – Indicator changes colour to warn of tamper or sensor fault.
  • Booster/Repeater Compatible – Read range up to 5km across a site when working from within concrete risers and meter rooms
  • 15-minute data
  • Choice of optical or pulse encoders
  • Data compatible with a wide range of auxiliary sensors from temperature to machine run time

    Water Meter AMR Transmitter with Magnetic Mount

    Water Meter AMR Transmitter with Magnetic Mount for Mounting to the Top of Boundary Boxes

Our systems are highly flexible and through our bespoke sensor service we can give you all the data you need to make a real difference, and we will not forget water. Water monitoring although deemed by many as difficult because of the location of meters is something we excel at. We have all the tools to extract readings from meters even buried 2m underground under a car park without having to lay a single cable!

We offer a wide range of meter reading devices from “clip on” optical sensors through to magnetic pulse encoders. These devices can be used to construct either fixed network or drive-by meter reading systems.

Data can be delivered to laptops, to existing BMS systems via pulse output cards installed into Gateway Receivers or delivered to our Sentinel FM desktop package where it can be combined with other parameters such as sewer blockage alarms, in-building temperature, ambient temperature, plant throughput, etc.

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