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The founders of Radio Data Networks have accumulated many decades of experience in developing, manufacturing and deploying cost effective wide area metering and integrated facility management networks spanning areas from small businesses to large factories, airfields through to whole cities with the number of measurement points varying dozens to many tens of thousands.

We have developed a unique portfolio of measurable parameters to deliver true value by covering many other essential parameters for business continuity, cost reduction, environmental protection, process efficiency auditing and health and safety compliance:

Wireless Facility Management

Summary of Portfolio:

  • Energy – Water
  • Water – Consumption and leakage
  • Sewers – Blockage and surcharge alarms and proactive pump control
  • Sewer Overflows – Event duration monitoring at 2 or 5-minute intervals
  • Temperature – Energy saving & process monitoring
  • HACCP – Temperature monitoring for refrigeration and other food storage and preparation facilities
  • Legionella – Measurement of water temperature for L8 compliance
  • Fans – Monitoring of critical fans for fire fighting and ventilation
  • Pumps – Monitoring of submerged bilge and sewage sump pumps for jamming & failure
  • Valve position – The operation of manual or automated valves
  • Transformers – Overload and trip monitoring
  • Staff safety – Lone worker alarms
  • Flooding – Basement, river, groundwater, cable duct flood alarms
  • Access Control – Monitor access to remote buildings – verify authority
  • Pollution Monitoring – Monitor and report all sorts of parameters from water PH through to turbidity
  • Rainfall & Weather – Local real time measurement and reporting of rainfall and other climatic functions from UV to wind speed.
  • Productivity Auditing – Automatic monitoring of process cycles to detect slack and bottlenecks and thereby to aid operational efficiency

Our experience has shown that the most effective systems are those that deliver real time data along with full diagnostics permitting data to be trended, alarms generated, costs apportioned and in the case of water leakage quickly identified through the analysis and cross correlation of the low flow periods. Concentrated data can also be used for real time control. For example, high levels detected in sewers have been used to inhibit pumps to prevent incidents of sewer flooding.

Integrated Facility Management with Data Concentrator

Integrated Facility Management with Data Concentrator

For industrial applications, we normally recommend readings are taken at 15-minutes intervals, whereas for city wide applications such as metering (AMR) perhaps one reading per day is sufficient; however in the case of blocked sewer monitoring our thousands of installations have confirmed that 5-minute reporting is an absolute must!

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