Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Telemetry

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

Custom designed Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Transducers and Telemetry Transmitters for use equally within a sewage works oxygenation ditch or suspended in a lake, lagoon, pond or a river.

Dissolved Oxygen level is critical of the wellbeing of aquatic life. Hence the ability to monitor the dissolved oxygen levels in a body of water in real-time is critical as it permits action to be taken before levels become critically low.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter with camouflaged carry case, integral battery pack and telemetry transmitter

Within a Sewage Works

Portable dissolved oxygen monitoring units such as the one featured on this page can be also used to calibrate the profile of oxygenation ditches within sewage works. Calibration of  the ditches permits transducers to be optimally sited in order to maximise the benefits of controlling equipment such as paddles, bubblers and similar power intensive oxygen injection plant.

Data Formats

Data from the telemetry units can be replicated at the receiving point as either a 4-20mA loop analogue signal, passed into a PC logging package such as our Sentinel FM or exported in CSV or JSON format to a remote web server.

Mains Power Not Necessary

Our Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters are designed to operate from mains or batteries. When battery operated power is conserved by automatically switching on and off the power to the DO transducer. For example by switching to a reading rate of 5-minutes it is possible to reduce the power consumed by typically 99% without compromising accuracy.

Rapid Deployment

Portable units are ideal for temporary deployment following for example a pollution incident and the relatively small form factor and the camouflage coloured carry case makes it relatively easy to hide the unit out of sight of vandals.

Connecting to Existing Telemetry and SCADA

Our Gateway Receiver fitted with 4-20mA output cards permits any one of our fixed or portable DO monitoring units to be connected seamlessly to an existing site’s Telemetry and/or SCADA as per the illustration below.

Water Quality Telemetry and Gateway Receiver

Water Quality Monitoring with Data Delivered to On Site Telemetry via our Gateway Receiver fitted with Analogue 4-20mA Output Cards

Easy to Calibrate

The units are normally supplied with detachable 4-20mA loop powered transducers. This permits the in-field swapping our of transducers to facilitate return to laboratory calibration.

Sales & orders

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