Long Range Radio Telemetry

Long Distance Radio Telemetry – Up to 50Km

Radio Telemetry with up to 50km link Distance: Point-to-point, master-slave or scanning. Mains, battery or solar powered with the option of sensor power control.

Data interfaces can be configured to accept serial ASCII data or using one of out interface cards switch/logic status, analogue 0-2V or 4-20mA.

Long Range Communications

Radio data networks hold what is probably the largest geographically licence in the UK for data delivery. Our licence covers the whole of Northern Ireland, Scotland including the Outer Hebrides, the whole of mainland England and Wales and has a unique extension to cover the Channel Islands.

For a nominal annual fee we issue clients with a geographic sub-licence that permits them to enjoy the assurance that their radio link is resilient and unlike low power radio is protected in law by Ofcom against interference and malicious attack. Equipment at lower power levels is approved to EN300-220 and at high levels to EN300-113 / MPT1327.

In Europe we offer systems operating on the former ERMES pager band at 169MHz and subject to a licence, any VHF frequency between 136 and 174MHz and UHF frequency between 400MHz and 470MHz in accordance to EN300-113. In the US we offer the same frequency options this time to FCC-Part 90. Systems can be configured to operate over 6.25Khz, 12.5KHz and 25KHz channels.

Radio Telemetry Transmitter Portable with Voice

Radio Telemetry Transmitter Portable with Voice

Fixed & Temporary Installations:

We offer a range of equipment that is suitable for both fixed and portable deployment. Systems are normally custom manufactured and supplied as a package inclusive of transducers and enclosures.

The photograph opposite is of a field portable remote transmitter with optional two way talk-back channel to aid configuration in remote areas devoid of cellular coverage.

Receivers can also be vehicle mounted and used to deliver readings for the field where data is automatically collected over low power radio links by patrolling vehicles.

Custom System Design Service:

We offer a comprehensive custom system design service whereby we can design, build and install systems to match customers most exacting requirements. Custom options include power source, data interface and the point and method of data delivery.

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