Gateway Receiver interfacing to existing telemetry SCADA

Gateway Receivers – Interfacing with Existing BMS, SCADA & Telemetry

We believe in giving customer’s choice and the ability to “sweat” existing assets.

Not only is this environmentally sound but can deliver greater efficiency and helps to embrace customer’s management and staff working practices. The net effect can result in faster adoption, fewer mistakes and reduced training costs.

For this reason, we offer a variety of delivery platforms whereby our data can be interfaced to existing systems or delivered to a brand new platform with functions customised to emulate what is familiar and accepted working practices.

Blocked Sewer Monitoring System with Gateway Receiver

Blocked Sewer Monitoring System with Gateway Receiver

The data delivery options include:

  • Data is concentrated and collected by one Cellular Data Concentrators and uploaded to a remote web based application using typically a FTP protocol over the GPRS network in a CSV or JSON file format. Visual presentation, data downloads, etc. can be customised to emulate existing data formats.
  • Data is received and replicated as discrete pulses, relay contacts and analogue levels for interface to existing legacy alarm / BMS / SCADA systems.
  • Data is received and converted into a serial data string and interfaced with our Sentinel FM facility management package. This windows based programme can operate on virtually any Windows XP, 7 or 8 platform, plus has the ability to graph, collate, store and alarm data automatically 24/7. E-mail and SMS text alarms are also available.
  • Data is received and converted into a bespoke serial data string and interfaced to customers existing data analysis or SCADA System. Options include USB, serial RS232, LAN and RS422 / RS485 and file formats from CSV, JSON through to Modbus.

To date over 90% of our data traffic is delivered to existing customer systems and our Gateway Receivers are by far the most popular interface into existing client’s infrastructure. We manufacture a variety of flexible data Gateway Receivers that can receive and replicate signals as serial data streams or simply as relay contacts to permit interface to spare inputs on existing telemetry outstations.

Our largest example of “distributed” installation that utilises existing clients SCADA and outstations covers some 27,000 sq km on behalf of Anglian Water for sewer and CSO monitoring.

Gateways are available with card slots to serve anything from 4 – 64 assets. These can be a variety of sensors from relays through to analogues signals. Gateway receivers do not require programming and operate using a true plug and play strategy.

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