Waste Water Radio Telemetry

Sewer & Wastewater Network Monitoring

The Wastewater Industry is our largest area of business. Annually our systems monitor tens of thousands of km of sewers and hundreds of sewer overflows (CSOs).

In addition to alarms and reports, we also supply systems for real-time control whereby according to one of our largest customers we have helped to reduce pollution incidents at hotspots by up to 60%. Real-time control can be use to hold off pumps, switch on pumps, close and open valves, divert flows, etc.

Our range of products is extensive, it includes level transducers to spot blockages, flow transducers to measure the duration of spills from CSOs, wireless float switches for wet wells, flap position indicators, pump controllers, remote telemetry units for monitoring adopted pumping stations and much more.

Annually a large proportion of our R&D is focused on the wastewater sector where we are currently striving to expand our range of innovative wastewater sensors.

All of the products featured can communicate using both licence free and licenced telemetry and when interface if required to the internet we have a range of data concentrators that can deliver the data via LAN or GPRS in a variety of file formats from CSV to JSON.

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal