Relay outout card for telemetry and real-time control

Telemetry Station I/O Cards

A range of dedicated and interchangeable I/O Cards that can operated with the majority of the RDN1000 Gateways and Outstations

A range of plug and play I/O cards that can be used in conjunction with our extensive range of RDN1000 Gateways and Outstations. These card all feature on-board encoding and decoding and in the case of receiver cards an integrated signal loss timer.

Were applicable signal relays feature gold plated contacts to ensure that their compatibility with telemetry outstations and SCADA.

Each card is normally supplied pre-coded with its electronic serial number set to match that of an opposing transmitter or receiver card in the same network. We coding service is included within the price.

Unique to the RDN1000 protocol is the ability to have more than one receiver card with the same address,  permitting the status form one point to be distributed to multiple receiver locations.  Applications of this includes wide area pump inhibit schemes.

Sales & orders

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