Solar Assisted Booster Repeater

Solar Assisted Wide Area Booster Repeater

The Solar Assisted Wide Area Booster / Repeater has been designed to repeat signals from water meters and sewer monitoring transducers such as our BDTs or FDTs and broadcast them over distances of many km.

Solar assisted booster repeater

Solar assisted booster repeater installed on a hilltop in 2013

Identical in function to our  battery powered Booster/ Repeaters however but with substantially extended service intervals due to the solar assistance. The Solar Booster Repeater features spatial diversity (dual antenna) for enhance reception of the signals from assets located beneath manhole covers or emanating from meter pits. Solar Booster / Repeaters are normally supplied to repeat the messages typically every 5-minutes which is more than adequate for most applications such as meter reading, blocked sewer or CSO overflow monitoring / alarms. They can also be configured to “auto accelerate” transmission rate for applications such as CSO event duration monitoring where they are able to delver real-time data at even minute intervals not only meeting but exceeding the latest requirements of EDM published by the Environment Agency in the UK.

Supplied Ready to Use:

The Solar Assisted Booster Repeaters are normally supplied 100% pre-configured and pre-tested read to go! Factory configurations  include up-link frequency “that is the frequency out of the hole emitted by the sensor such as a BDT Level Transducer” and back link frequency “frequency back to the base station”. Further the electronic serial number (ESN) of the sensors are also pre-configured and where applicable the auto-accelerate mode.

Solar Booster Used to Read Water Meter Reading AMR

Example of Solar Booster Used to Read Industrial Water Meters


The solar booster repeater can be supplied to operate on either licenced or licence free radio spectrum or a mixture of both. Typically in a urban or industrial environment the communication radius can be anything from 500m to 5km depending upon the topology and the height at which it is mounted and the operating channel. The pickup radius from assets mounted below the manholes is typically 40m to 100m depending upon the relative mounting positions and the type of manhole cover.


Simple to install, simply use post fix to secure the boosters fibreglass pole into a pre-dug hole. There is no requirement  for mains power and Fibreglass poles can be supplied in lengths from between 1.5 and 6m long.

Minimal Need for Service:

Solar Assisted Radio Repeater

Solar Assisted Radio Repeater / Booster for Blocked Sewer and Industrial sub-Metering

Compared to replacing the batteries of an instrument located below streets, the Booster / Repeater is a proven cost effective alternative and the Solar Repeater takes low cost servicing to the next level. Typically the Solar Repeaters Booster Batteries are estimated to be fit for almost a decade of service. Hence aside from periodically checking the security of the mounting and cleaning the solar panel servicing is minimal.

To Find out More:

Available in grey for industrial or camouflage green for rural deployments, simply click on the link to download a general data sheet Wide Area Network Booster Repeaters Issue 2.0

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