Access Hatch Security Systems

Water Network Security and Monitoring

There are tens of millions of critical strategic assets buried globally, ranging from valves, pipelines, telecommunication through and railway signalling cables. The loss or compromise of these assets can costly, cause inconvenience, damage the environment and even endanger lives.

Do you need to protect your asset?

Apply the simple test below and if you answer YES to any of the questions we highly recommend that you consider securing your asset.

  • Is there a risk to Life?
  • Is there are risk to the Environment?
  • Risk to Financial Loss?
  • Risk to Security?
  • Risk to Business Continuity?
  • Risk of Reputational Damage?
  • Is your Site Subject to the Counter Terrorism Act 2008?

Mechanical Asset Protection

Many assets are protected by some form of mechanical armour and/or an access hatch or cover. Over the years hatch technology has improved and design specification have evolved to provide increasing levels of protection. Specifications such as those of the globally accepted LPCB Standard LPS 1175 have all helped to improve standards with hatches rated to perform to SR ratings form 1 to 8.

However irrespective of the SR rating security is incomplete if you do not have electronic monitoring such as an alarm, with secure telemetry and an appropriate plan of action.

The Protection Triangle

The protection triangle below illustrates how a system should operate. You will note that we have been unspecific about the response as this could take a wide variety of forms, from closing down a system to sending in the SAS.

Critical Asset Protection Systems

Critical Asset Protection Systems

Electronic Asset Protection to EN 50136 and Beyond

Our “electronic” systems are bespoke and can be configured to any standard, with single, dual or triple redundancy. Further the systems can be configured to offer what is termed as “enhanced performance” above EN 50136 that includes features such as regular health messages and self testing.

Intrusion detection options are varied and include:

  • Door contacts
  • Loops
  • Doppler / PIR
  • Seismic Shock
  • Vibration

Enhanced Features include:

  • Flood / Water Level
  • Power Supply Loss
  • Equipment Failure
  • Earth Leakage
  • Loss of Earth Bonding for Neutrals
  • Oil Interceptor Monitoring
  • Pollution Containment
  • Automated Shutdown Messages

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