Wide area industrial AMR

Wide Area Sewer Level Monitoring & Alarms

The Public sewers networks and drainage systems block and surcharge for a variety of reasons ranging from sewer collapse, tree roots through to the build up of FOG and wet wipes, etc. Early warning of blockages or partial blockages can be invaluable as it can prevent incidents that impact upon customers, can reduce incidents of pollution and hence raise SIM scores.

It has been understood for some time that the placing of level sensors at strategic locations within the network can provide sufficient early warning of a growing blockage to permit its clearance before disaster strikes.

For a long time finding a universal technology that could simply report a high level from any location was a challenge. Ultrasonic units coupled to GSM communication devices had been tried for decades but often failed to live up to expectations due to poor power consumption, human errors concerning configuration and in particular intermittent or failed communications. On top of these are also a number of constraints related to the physics of the ultrasonic beam, such as the generation of false echoes from obstructions and spiders webs and minimum reading distances. Finally, there is the uncertainty over the longevity of these assets due to the dash for 4G and 5G by the cellular operators.

BDT blocked sewer system installed

Blocked sewer system installed in 2m deep access chamber

BDT Blocked Sewer Monitoring System:

In 2010 Radio Data Networks introduced a new radical  approach to sewer monitoring that included both a new sensor and a real-time communications strategy that would permit sensors to be deployed anywhere in the networks irrespective of the size of the sewer and the lack of cellular coverage. However, more importantly this system gave the utility the choice of how data was delivered, by offering a wide range of Booster/Repeaters and Data Gateways into existing systems such as telemetry and SCADA via relays, serial data links and more lately via data concentrators connected directly to the internet. Sewer status can also be verified using a handheld data terminal or laptop without the need to open manhole covers.

Today the BDT blocked sewer / drain systems as they are called can be found in service with a number water utilities both in the UK and overseas has have won numerous national awards for its innovation.

Key Features

  • Wireless Communications – No Cables to Run
  • Easy to Install from Surface – Eliminates Confined Space Entry
  • No Programming or Software
  • Visual Set Trip Levels 0 – 4m as standard, option up to 15m
  • Self Tests every 2.5 Seconds
  • Operates Without Need to Modify Manholes
  • 10-Year Battery Life
  • Waterproof Construction to IP68
  • ATEX Certified to Zone 2
  • Tell tale Indication of Transient Surcharges
  • Supplied Complete With Wall Bracket
  • Real time Data Suitable for Pump Alarms/Control
  • Handheld data terminal options for in field verification of status
  • Laptop data logging available for network troubleshooting
  • When used with our Booster/repeaters networks covering many sq km can be created.

    Wide area blocked sewer and sewer monitoring network with booster repeaters

    Wide area blocked sewer and sewer monitoring network with booster repeaters can cover areas of over 50 square

Data / messages from BDTs can be delivered using a variety media including our own private data networks, locally via relays to control pumps or to interface with existing SCADA collected by handheld terminals, or delivered via data concentrators to remote data servers and the internet.