Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

Sludge Blanket Monitoring

Proven, retrofit Sludge Blanket Monitoring systems from 1 to 32 bridges per base station. Compete turnkey from sensor to bespoke cranked hand-rail bracket kits.

Yes unlike other suppliers, we at Radio Data Networks offer a total 100% design and delivery service from the sourcing / integration of sensors through to the complete design and fabrication of bespoke bracket sets to enable the rapid and non-disruptive mounting onto existing rotation bridges and eliminate the need for installing expensive slip rings on the bridges.

Sludge blanket monitoring system Radio Telemetry, with Optical Sludge Blanket Monitoring Sensor Option

Sludge Blanket Monitoring System – Optical Blanket Monitor Option

Easy to retrofit to existing lagoons, systems can be mains, battery or even solar powered and interfaced to a wide range of sludge blanket sensors. Where power does not exist the systems can be operated from batteries and the sensors automatically woken up to take regular readings. All systems include regular health messages and the receivers provide fully isolated volt-free contacts (gold contacts)  designed to interface with telemetry outstations and PLC controllers.

bespoke Sludge Blanket Monitoring System

Sludge Blanket Monitoring – Custom Stainless Brackets to Mount to Existing Hand Rails, Integral Antenna and Power Supply

Features include the choice of licenced and licence free radio, 110V, 240V, 12V or 24V dc operation. Battery or Battery plus solar. Units can be built with internal antenna and communications distances between bridges and control rooms of between 500m to 5km are typical.


Base Station Gateways can also accept other telemetry signals


Wireless data communications:

  • Licenced 140 to 175MHz VHF or 420-470MHz UHF
  • Licence Free 17 3.250, 434MHz or 869MHz
  • Number of bridges 1 to 32 per base station
  • Transmit rate: 30-seconds to 5-minute
  • Address Combinations 1-billion (32-bit)
  • Automatic signal loss alarm
  • 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V (55v-0-55V), 220-240V and 415-440V systems for those without a neutral on the supply
  • Solar + Battery operation with Sensor Duty Control also available


  •       Sludge Blanket Monitor (Optical) such as Partec 8100

Operating Voltage Options:

  • 12 and 24V dc
  • 24V ac
  • 48v ac
  • 110V or 55-0-55V ac
  • 220-240V ac
  • 410-450V bi-phase (without neutral)

Battery Backup

  • Float Charger and Battery backup included to provide mains fail alarm

Inputs and Outputs:

  • High Sludge Blanket Level (Digital in)
  • Bridge Power Failure (Digital in)

Base Station (Gateway):

  • Wall Mounting – 1 to 32 monitors
  • High Sludge Blanket
  • Bridge Power Fail
  • Fault/Communications Fail

Example of a Bespoke System Installed at a Leading UK utility Company:

The system comprises of 8 x bridge mounted rotation monitoring units connected to Partec 8100 sludge blanket monitoring units. The units are housed in bespoke rail mounted enclosures as per the illustration below.

Sludge Blanket Monitoring Drawing Example


Each of the units have the ability to transmit data (broadcast) at nominal 1-minute rates over a licenced radio  channel to an 8-way Radio Data Networks modular Gateway Receiver.

Sludge Blanket Monitoring