Blocked Sewer Alarm receiver solar assisted (web banner)

Sewer Alarm – External Solar Beacon Unit

Obtain a visual warning of blocked sewers from under car parks or in the grounds of office blocks or factories without having to lift a manhole cover.

The Radio Data Networks Solar Beacon Receiver can be located on any grass verge, grass back or wall within typically a 20-50m radius of a sewer into which is fitted one of our BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm transmitters.

In standby the receiver lays dormant, waking periodically to listen for the alarm/OK message emitted by the BDT. If the messages received is OK it will simply blink its beacon to give reassurance that it is working, however if the unit receives a blockage alarm message it will wake up the beacon flashing it every 5-seconds. Finally, if a fault is detected with the BDT transmitter or the signal is lost it will blink the beacon every 15-seconds.

Blocked Sewer Alarm receiver solar assisted (small)

Blocked Sewer Alarm receiver solar assisted (small)

Physical Options:

The enclosure is available with the choice of camouflage green or light grey. The camouflaged version is ideal for installing on grassed areas , hedgerows or within flower boarders.

The units fibreglass pole can be supplied in any length up to 3m long.  Alternatively the unit can be supplied with a bracket to permit its mounting on street furniture such as a road sign.

Solar Blocked Sewer Alarm Technology Overview:

Designed to operate in conjunction with our BDT transmitter technology the included a wireless receiver tuned and coded to intercept the messages broadcast the BDT.

The unit has a design service life of 10-years. This is achieved by using a combination of duty-cycle control, non-rechargeable lithium battery technology in parallel with the solar panels. During the day when there is sufficient illumination the solar panel powers the unit and at other times the batteries take over.