Flow Detection Transducer

Flow Detection Transducer (FDT) Sensor

Micro Power Flow Detection – The Flow Detection Transducer.

Unique and industry proven with a industry beating MTBF. Operates from 3V to 12V dc, drawing just a few uA. 100% sealed for life to IP68+ at 10m.

The FDT as it is widely called is a multi-axis flow detector that suspended over a channel or on the dry side of a weir detects and reports flow from any direction whenever the flow comes into contact with the tip of the FDT sensor.

Optimised for use in sewer and wastewater networks 1000 of FDTs can be found in service from across Europe and even in the US.


  • Ultra low power, typically 3uA at 3.6V
  • Multi-direction
  • Motion converted into a simple logic level pulse output
  • Proven long MTBF
  • Operates from 3V to 14V dc
  • Available with 1m to 25m of cable
  • ATEX Certification available (3rd party Notify Body verified)


  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) overflow Event Duration Monitoring (EDM)
  • Sewer Surcharge Alarm
  • Storm Drain Activation